Monday, August 16, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 47

Who am I? In my first English language film one of my co-stars was Ethel Barrymore. Among many other roles, I have played a prince, a playboy, an uncredited narrator for a Billy Wilder film, a tutor, and a judge. Who am I?

Which film is this? The supporting cast includes Tommy Sands, Kay Medford, Larry Hagman, Peter Marshall, and James Coco. Name the film.

1. For Which Film is This?, who were the three top-billed stars?

2. What was the first film in which both Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn appeared?

3. Who was the star and who was the director of the film in #2?

4. What do the films What's Up Doc?, The Muppet Movie, and Catch 22 have in common?

5. In which film did Who Am I? play a judge?

6. Directed Ronald Reagan in Bedtime for Bonzo, but is best known for producing a long-running talk show. Who is this person and what was the name of the talk show?

7. The brother of the star of the talk show in #5 was the director of a competing talk show; name the brother and the show.

8. Who was the "sidekick" of the star of the show in #7?

9. Who was the "sidekick" of the star of the show in #6?

10. Name the game show hosted by the star of the show in #6.


ClassicBecky said...
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ClassicBecky said...

Is "Who Am I" Louis Jourdan, movie with Ethel Barrymore "The Paradine Case?
If so, is #5 "Can-Can"?

ClassicBecky said...

#6 The Johnny Carson Tonight Show and The Jack Benny Program.
Can't make the connections in the questions that follow -- frustration!

Paul 2 said...

Hi Becks, you are absolutely right about Louis Jourdan and The Paradine Case. Also about Can-Can....good job!

You also got part of #6 right....the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson was what I was looking for, although it's true that the same person who produced the Tonight Show did produce 44 episodes of the Jack Benny Show as well. Can you give his name?

The Lady Eve said...

Which film am I - ENSIGN PULVER (1964)
1. The top three billed stars are Robert Walker, Jr., Burl Ives, Walter Matthau (was on TCM last week)
3. The star was Spencer Tracy, director - Fred Zinnemann

Paul 2 said...

Eve, thanks for stopping by!

You are right on all counts (as usual)!

I purposely left Jack Nicholson and Milly Perkins off the supporting cast list on the Which Film am I? question, but apparently it was too easy anyway, LOL!

ClassicBecky said...

Is #7 Dick Carson, Johnnie's brother and The Merv Griffin Show?
#9 Ed McMahon?

Paul 2 said...

Good work, Becks! You're getting better at this, LOL!

beelzabub said...

#6 - The director is Frederick deCordova for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and
#10 is Who Do You Trust

Paul 2 said...

Sorry for the delay in my response to your post, beelzabub!

You're right! #6 is Fred De Cordova and #10 is Who Do You Trust?, aka Do You Trust Your Wife? (that was the first title)!