Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 58

Who Am I? In the '50s I made two films with Frank Sinatra at MGM. In one movie I "got him", in the other I didn't. Who Am I?

Who Are We? We met by accident at the barbershop at Universal Studios. One of us had just been fired, while the career of the other was on the rise. One of us leaned over to the other and said, "Hey, would you be interested in doing a TV show for me?" Between the two of us, we changed the face of television, films and popular music. Who Are We?

Who Am I? I was primarily a stage actress for most of my life, although I had appeared in the occasional film. Then I appeared in a major role in a Bela Lugosi movie, which really made the public more aware of me. I became well known for playing mothers and/or grandmothers in many famous films made in the '30s and '40s. Who Am I?

1. Name the films in Who Am I? #1.

2. Name two future TV stars appearing in the movie from #1 in which Who Am I? #1 did NOT get Frank.

3. Name the TV show mentioned in Who Are We?.

4. What do these three films have in common: White Heat, Forever Amber, and Random Harvest?

5. Name the longest running show in the history of television (hint: it's still on the air).

6. Name a great star of stage and screen who had a recurring role as him/herself in this late '60s/early '70s TV series? Name the series, too.

7. In this TV series third season opener, it lampooned its major time slot opposition. Name the show and the opposition.

8. Name an Errol Flynn movie in which Flynn did NOT, for a change, kill Basil Rathbone's character?

9. Name the other co-stars of the film in #8.

10. What do the following have in common: the film Saboteur, the TV shows Alfred Hitchcock Presents and St Elsewhere?


  1. #5 60 Minutes
    #7 The Simpsons & THe Cosby Show

  2. Sorry Kim, #5 is not 60 Minutes, and as for #7, close but no cigar. I'm looking for two "live action" shows.

  3. #10 - Norman Lloyd

  4. #8 Dawn Patrol -- although at times in the movie Flynn WANTED to kill Rathbone's character.
    It's only 4:55 a.m. and I woke up without wanting to, so I'm too tired to think about the others yet....

  5. Great job, beelzabub! You got #10!

    Hi Becks, yes, #8 is Dawn BETTER get the Flynn question this week, after not noticing the one we put in last week, LOL! Good work!

  6. I can't believe I missed the last one. I went back to look, and I think I must had read right over it. I knew that! By the way, I have become obsessed with figuring out Who Am I #2. I can't seem to think about any of the others. It's driving me crazy! I don't even care if I'm the first one to get it, I just want to know!

  7. #5 - Isn't Meet The Press still on? If so, that's my answer

  8. Becky, am I causing you to have problems obsessing about the questions? (evil laugh)

    BTW, Who Am I? #2 is JoAnn's question.

    Way to go, beelzabub! Yes, the answer to #5 is Meet The Press.

  9. JoAnn! We have a bond with Errol'll tell me the #2 answer, won't you? I'll give you my phone number, I'll put you in my will...well, that's not much incentive, but I know I'll have at least $1.78 left for you!

  10. Hi Becky! You don't have to leave me anything in your will! Paul says, "It ain't Dame May Whitty! And if you don't like that clue, go tell it to Sergeant York!"

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  12. Margaret Wycherly! My favorite Ma! What would White Heat have been without her -- "Made it Ma, top of the world!"
    (I knew it all the time, JoAnn, but thanks for the clue -- harrumph, cough (big lie says Mr. Subliminal).
    Ahhhh, now I can sleep!

  13. Hooray! Yes, the second Who Am I? is indeed Margaret Wycherly. She appeared in the 1929 Bela Lugosi film, The Thirteenth Chair.

    Good job, Becky! Go get some sleep! :)

  14. Who am I? Celeste Holm
    1.) The Tender Trap and High Society
    2.) The Tender Trap costarred Lola Albright of Peter Gunn & Carolyn Jones of The Addams Family

  15. Gilby, you're right on all three!