Monday, November 15, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 59

Who Am I? I'm an Arizona music legend who scored a Top Ten hit for the film, Because They're Young. I also acted in a few films and a couple of episodes of Have Gun Will Travel. Who Am I?

Who Am I? I began in the theater, and didn't really start to appear in many movies until 1949. I frequently played the mother of the main character, and I tended to steal the show! My career really took after I played the mother of the star of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. In reality, I was only 7 years older than he was. Who Am I?

1. Who was the male star of the film, Because They're Young?

2. For a free pass for the entire month of December, name four members of the "back-up" band on Because They're Young.

3. Who Am I? #2 played her mother twice in movies made in the 1950s. Name the actress in question and the films.

4. Name three actors that Tony Curtis made more than one film with.

5. This famous actor and this famous director made five films together, but only one was a drama. Name them and the drama.

6. Name all directors who made at least 3 movies with Tony Curtis.

7. Tony Curtis made 3 films with this actress (not Janet Leigh!). Name her.

8. In which movie did Tony Curtis make a reference to Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot?

9. In the 1940s John Ridgely portrayed a Mountie in two films. Name the films and the stars.

10. Name three things these films have in common: The Fighting 69th and God is My Co-Pilot.


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  3. #1 Who Am I -- Jessie Royce Landis
    *9 God is My Co-Pilot and Northern Pursuit (a great, sneaky Errol Flynn reference!)
    *10 John Ridgely

  4. #10 I mean John Ridgely is one of the 3 asked for. I haven't figured out the other 2.

  5. Dawn, if anyone would get that Duane Eddy Who Am I?, it had to be you! The Arizona reference was a dead give-away! And yes, #1 is Dick Clark, as a high school teacher yet! Good job!

    Becks, you did get half of #9 right, John Ridgely did play a Mountie in Northern Pursuit, and yes, that's how we got Errol in this week! It's getting harder to put a Flynn question in every week, LOL!

    But unless you're watching a version I've never seen, John Ridgely did NOT play a Mountie in God is My Co-Pilot!

    You did get one of the three things right that those two movies have in common in #10. But there are still two more! Keep on thinking!!

  6. 7. Tony and Piper Laurie made THE PRINCE WHO WAS A THIEF, SON OF ALI BABA, and JOHNNY DARK.

  7. 8. I don't know, but will guess THE GREAT RACE.

  8. 3.) jessie played Grace Kelly's mother twice in the 1950's

  9. Rick, I should have mentioned that there might be more than one correct answer for #7....and you definitely got one! See if you can come up with another!

    For #8, no, it wasn't The Great Race, but you're closer than you think, LOL!

    Gilby, you got part of #3; can you name the films?

  10. Hey Gilby, I knew you knew that, I just wanted to "hear" you say it! LOL!

  11. Paul and JoAnn, you don't have to try to think up an Errol Flynn question every time -- a lovely little picture of him inserted into each quiz would make me very happy! LOL.

  12. #10) Alan Hale Sr & Dennis Morgan were in both films

  13. Becks, say WHAT?? You want decorative photos on TT every week? Well, if it increases our audience, it might be a good thing. I'll take it under advisement....LOL!

    Rick, what do you think?

    Gilby, you did get the rest of #10! Good job! I'll give Becks 1/3 and you 2/3 of #10.

  14. I think Becky just volunteered to provide you with a photo for every Errol Flynn question! (At my place of work, suggesting that something be done means that you just volunteered to do it.)

  15. Oh Rick and Paul, I walked right into that one, didn't I? Never volunteer, even indirectly!