Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 59 - the Answers

I noticed in a recent post that some were wondering how I come up with my Trivia Time questions. Just to re-affirm what I've said in earlier posts...I make up all the questions myself, I don't copy them from games or books or other websites. They are the products of my twisted little mind and/or the warped mind of my rocket-scientist (no kidding!) wife.

By the way, thanks to everyone who sent prayers and good wishes; the medical issue is now resolved, but last week was pretty intense. I hope all and sundry had a Happy Thanksgiving and ate plenty of turkey (without watching too many turkeys of the cinematic variety!).

Here are the answers to the Trivia Time posted two weeks ago:

1. Who was the male star of the film, Because They're Young?

Answer: Dick Clark

2. For a free pass for the entire month of December, name four members of the "back-up" band on Because They're Young.

Answer: Shelly Manne, Red Callender, Howard Roberts, Barney Kessel

4. Name three actors that Tony Curtis made more than one film with.

Answer: there are more than three actually, but you only had to name three....Stephen McNally, Burt Lancaster, Larry Storch, Audie Murphy, Kirk Douglas were some of the actors who made two or more films with Curtis.

5. This famous actor and this famous director made five films together, but only one was a drama. Name them and the drama.

Answer: Cary Grant and Howard Hawks; Only Angels Have Wings

6. Name all directors who made at least 3 movies with Tony Curtis.

Answer: Blake Edwards, Rudolph Maté, Joseph Pevney

7. Tony Curtis made 3 films with this actress (not Janet Leigh!). Name her.

Answer: Rick got Piper Laurie, which is correct, but I was looking for Natalie Wood.

8. In which movie did Tony Curtis make a reference to Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot?

Answer: Sex and the Single Girl

9. In the 1940s John Ridgely portrayed a Mountie in two films. Name the films and the stars.

Answer: Becks got Northern Pursuit (Errol Flynn); the other one was Iron Curtain (Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney).

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  1. Paul, I'm so glad to hear that your medical issue is now resolved. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!