Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 72

Last week's TT was quite short, and only one question remains unanswered. The question and its answer are below:

3. Name one thing the following films have in common: Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing, The Purple Heart, and The Man with the Golden Gun.

Answer: Richard Loo

This week we have brought the number of questions back up to our norm; I encourage everyone to participate, including all of you "lurkers" who read the questions but have never tried try to answer any.

Don't be shy! Give it a shot! It will only hurt a little, LOL! We usually only pick on our friend Classic Becky (better known as Becks).

Who Said This? But oh please, if it should not be you, don't ever tell me. Who Said This?

Who Am I? I'm an Oscar-winning actress who made 11 films in my own country before I made my first American film. I've played a wide range of characters, from sinners to saints. Who Am I?

Who Am I? Although I had a brief acting career, I'm probably best known as an announcer/side kick on a 1950s/early '60s "quiz show". Who Am I?

1. Name a "saint" played by Who Am I? #1.

2. Name the classic'50s film that Who Am I? #2 was in, and the quiz show mentioned in the question. Why was this quiz show different from others of the period?

3. This ground-breaking PBS series was one of the first "reality shows". It featured a family from Santa Barbara, CA. Name the series and the family.

4. This titled French aristocrat and this Oscar-winning African American actor teamed up in the early '70s in a short-lived ABC TV series. Name the series and the actors.

5. Besides It Takes a Thief, on what other TV show did Fred Astaire have a recurring role?

6. To what real-life tragic incident did WKRP in Cincinnatti devote an episode?

7. This early '60s film was the first film for a foreign-born actress who ultimately earned multiple Oscar nominations during her career. It was the last film for an Oscar-winning character actor who was once a drinking buddy of John Barrymore and Errol Flynn. Name the film, the stars, and the actress and actor mentioned in the description.

8. The names "Thomson" and "Leslie" are both included in the name given to me at birth. Give my full legal name.

9. Name the Tony-award-winning actress who had a short-lived series on CBS that featured Tom Bosley before Happy Days.

10. A remake of this movie was made with Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones. Name the film and the stars of the original version.


Rick29 said...

#3 is AMERICAN FAMILY, which chronicled the day-to-day lives of the Loud family members.

Rick29 said...

#4 is intriguing! I'll try the series first. THE YOUNG REBELS?

Paul 2 said...

Yep, you got #3 Rick! Way to go! Do you remember how they promoted it? "Are you ready for the Louds??"

You've also nailed part of #4! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Is Who Am I number 1 Ingrid Bergman, making the answer to question one Joan of Arc?

Paul 2 said...

Angel, good work, you are correct on both counts!

ClassicBecky said...

Question #7 Pocketful Full of Miracles, stars Bette Davis and Glenn Ford -- actor and actress are Thomas Mitchell and Ann Margret.

ClassicBecky said...

#10 A Farewell to Arms -- originally starred Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes.

#8 Duh -- Errol Flynn. The first question I absolutely knew, and the last one I rememberd to answer!

I KNOW Who Said This ! I KNOW it! But I can't remember! Ack!

Dawn said...

#5. Was it Battlestar Galactica?

Paul 2 said...

Becks, you're on a roll! You're correct on #s 7 and 10, and you got Errol for #8, but you failed to give his full legal name....what's up with that! LOL!

Keep thinking about Who Said This?!

Dawn, yes, it is Battlestar Galactica...I also would have accepted Cattlestar Ponderosa which was the nickname for it when I was in grad school, LOL!

Paul 2 said...

Recap: the questions that remain are Who Said This?, the second Who Am I?, #s 2, (half of) 4, 6, and 9. Also, Becks failed to give Errol Flynn's full legal name for #8...come on Becks, we know you know it, LOL!

Rick29 said...

The rest of #4: Lou Gossett, Jr. was the star and the titled aristocrat was Philippe Forquet (who played Lafayette in the series).

Paul 2 said...

Yep, it was Lou Gossett, Jr. and Phillipe Forquet.

In case anyone is wondering, Forquet's full name/title is Phillipe Forquet Vicomte de Dorne. Thanks for playing TT, Rick!

ClassicBecky said...

Picky, picky -- Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn. Doesn't everybody know that?

I'm having no luck with Who Said This? My brain is not cooperating. Right now all the little index cards are flipping rapidly through my stores of knowledge, but the right one has not popped up. I KNOW it's in there somewhere.

Joann, wonderful candid pic of Errol. I'd fix his coffee, bacon and eggs any day.

ClassicBecky said...

Ahhhh! I'm doing a happy dance! that's not easy to do while you are typing. All of a sudden, the right card popped up!

It's from Anastasia. Helen Hayes as the Dowager Empress says it to Ingrid Bergman, who believes she may be the long-lost Romanov princess. It is such a moving moment, and Helen Hayes just wrings your heart. TA DA!!!

Paul 2 said...

Wah-hoo Becks!! You got Who Said This?!!

JoAnn loves that scene too, Helen Hayes is absolutely stealing the movie at that point. She's also glad you liked the Flynn pic, she's spent some time lately downloading new ones so she can keep you happy, LOL!

Thanks for giving Flynn's full legal name; yes, I'm being picky, LOL!

ClassicBecky said...

Thank you, Picky Paul (ha ha). I can sleep easily now! And JoAnn, you and I must be sisters under the skin! Bless you!