Monday, April 4, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 78

Life gets a little complicated here on the central coast, sometimes...sorry we're late again!

About last week's TT, it was good to see two new players!! And most of the questions were answered...good job, people! Here are the answers to the unanswered ones:

Who Are We?
We were both child stars in the late '40s and early '50s, and we appeared together as brother and sister in a 1950s film. One of us also had a TV series in the '50s. Who Are We?

Answer: Tommy Rettig and Natalie Wood in The Jackpot.

Who Said This? "I was an Elizabethan fruit fly....the Betty Boop of Stratford-on-Avon." Who Said This?

Answer: Richard Dreyfus in The Goodbye Girl.

With no further ado, we present TT78....enjoy!:

Who Am I? I'm a three-time Oscar-winning composer and arranger. I've worked with John Huston, Raoul Walsh, Billy Wilder, and Marilyn Monroe. I made one film with Errol Flynn, and ten with Humphrey Bogart. Who Am I?

Who Said This? "Did you ever see Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road?" Who Said This?

1. Speaking of Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road, name the years and makes of the two cars he drove in that film.

2. Which Flynn film did Who Am I? score?

3. How many title themes did Frankie Laine sing in films? Name the films.

4. Frankie Laine had a HUGE hit with a movie theme that he did NOT sing in the picture. Name the film, the song and the person who sang it in the movie.

5. Which two classic '60s TV shows prominently featured the harpsichord?

6. Name one thing that Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter have in common (besides being female and being actresses, LOL!).

7. Name one thing that these three films have in common: A Letter to Three Wives, Call Northside 777, Miracle on 34th Street.


  1. #6. Is it they both hold the record as the biggest losing actress for the Oscar?

  2. Who Said This? Bruce Springsteen.

  3. 7. An uncredited Thelma Ritter. (BTW, I love TT!)

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  5. Dawn, yes, both Ritter and Kerr were nominated 6 times and never won even once, so you definitely got #6.

    As to Who Said This?, I'm sorry but the answer is not Springsteen. Keep thinking!

    Rick, you're right about #7, good job! We're glad you enjoy TT so much! We enjoy coming up with the questions, LOL!

  6. #5 I think one of the TV shows was The Addams Family. I loved Lurch looming over the keyboard while he played! I can't think of another one right now.

    Another lovely Flynn picture, the cummerbund! I have to hit the sack now, but I'll be back tomorrow to try some more questions.

  7. Becks, JoAnn had a feeling you'd like that Flynn pic, LOL! And you're right about The Addams Family being one of the TV shows for #5....maybe after a good night's sleep you'll think of the other one?