Monday, April 11, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 79

There were a number of unanswered questions from last week's Trivia Time, and here are the answers:

Who Am I? I'm a three-time Oscar-winning composer and arranger. I've worked with John Huston, Raoul Walsh, Billy Wilder, and Marilyn Monroe. I made one film with Errol Flynn, and ten with Humphrey Bogart. Who Am I?

Answer: Adolph Deutsch

Who Said This? "Did you ever see Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road?" Who Said This?

Answer: Peter Fonda in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.

1. Speaking of Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road, name the years and makes of the two cars he drove in that film.

Answers: 1950 and 1957 Fords.

2. Which Flynn film did Who Am I? score?

Answer: Northern Pursuit

3. How many title themes did Frankie Laine sing in films? Name the films.

Answer: 5; Man Without a Star, Strange Lady in Town, Gunfight at the OK Corral, 3:10 to Yuma, Blazing Saddles.

4. Frankie Laine had a HUGE hit with a movie theme that he did NOT sing in the picture. Name the film, the song and the person who sang it in the movie.

Answers: High Noon, "High Noon", Tex Ritter

5. Which two classic '60s TV shows prominently featured the harpsichord?

Answers: Becks answered half of this question with The Addams Family; the second one is Secret Agent.

And we now present TT79:

Who Said This? "He's so low that when they bury him, they'll have to dig UP!" Who Said This?

Who Am I? Errol Flynn says I was the most feared character actor in Hollywood because I would steal every scene. But Flynn wasn't afraid to work with me, and did so often. Who Am I?

1. How many films did Max Steiner score in 1939?

2. In 1948, Max Steiner scored 12 pictures. Which of the twelve was nominated for an Oscar for Best Score?

3. Name two sets of father-and-son actors who appear in Treasure of Sierra Madre.

4. Besides Advance to the Rear, name another film for which The New Christie Minstrels sang the opening title song.

5. Two films starring Walter Matthau were later spun off into television series; name them.

6. Name a Sidney Lumet (R.I.P.) film featuring Dan O'Herlihy.

7. During his introduction to a new co-star, Errol Flynn slapped her on the backside and bellowed, "Hiya, Red!". Name the actress and the film they made together.


  1. 5. THE ODD COUPLE and THE BAD NEWS BEARS(a short-lived CBS series).

    7. I'll guess Maureen O'Hara in AGAINST ALL FLAGS.

  2. For Whom Am I -- I'm going to say Alan Hale -- I may be wrong, but I'm going to say it! LOL!

  3. #1 I think Steiner did 18 scores in 1938.

    #2 I'm confused about this one -- it looks liked the composer for The Red Shoes won in 1948, and I didn't see Steiner as a winner in 47 or 49. Is this a trick question? You wouldn't do that to us, would you Paul?!!

  4. Rick, you're right about #5! There was actually one you know what it is?

    As to #7, nope, sorry! Not Maureen...try again!

    Becks, very good on Alan Hale, you got the Who Am I? and beat Rick to it!

    For #1, I actually asked about 1939, and for #2, I think if you re-read the question, you'll understand why you're having problems!

    Don't give up, LOL!

  5. 1939? My head must not have been screwed on tightly enough when I read that! I'll have to try to figure out what I'm missing for #2.

    How could I have forgotten to mention what a great pic of Errol and his doggies? This is a funny coincidence -- Page of My Old Love of Hollywood did a little picture post of stars and their pets the other day. One was of Errol, Lili Damita and his dog. I told Page I actually was jealous of the dog, because the dog probably had a longer, more satisfying relationship with Errol than any of the women! LOL!

  6. #1 Well, by my count, it looks like Steiner did 18 scores in 1939 as well. That man was an incredibly prolific composer in any case!

    #2 *Nominated* That's what I read wrong. It was Johnny Belinda.

  7. Becks, glad you like the photo of Errol and his four-legged friends! You're probably right about Flynn treating his dogs better than his women, unfortunately!

    As for #1, it's true that IMDB lists 18 films under the "Music Department" category for Max for 1939, but a lot of those were just "stock music" that was actually composed for earlier films. If you take a look at the "Composer" category you only see 12 films that he actually wrote complete scores for in IMDB (only!!!). But according to Steiner scholar Ray Falola, he composed 13 that year.

    That said, I'm going to give you #1 on a technicality, LOL!

    And yes, #2 is Johnny Belinda, good job!

    BTW, can you imagine he wasn't even nominated for Treasure of Sierra Madre or The Adventures of Don Juan that same year?!?

  8. Recap: questions that still need to answered are Who Said This? plus #s 3, 4, 6, and 7.

  9. Becks, thanks for your comments about the Flynn-dog photo! I was hoping you would like it!

  10. 7. Eleanor Parker and ESCAPE ME NEVER?

  11. Sorry, Rick, it wasn't Eleanor Parker either! Good guess, but try again!

  12. #3 is John and Walter Huston, and Tim and Jack Holt.

    #7 Is is Greer Garson? She seems so dignified, it sounds like just the thing Errol Flynn would do.

    For Who Said This? Errol Flynn hated Michael Curtiz at all, a mutual feeling. Did Flynn say that about Curtiz? (I know it's a wild guess!)

    You are quite right, Paul. I did count the IMDB list, not considering the stock music issue.

  13. (A few typos in there -- pretend you don't see them.)

  14. Oh, if #7 is Greer Garson, then it would be That Forsyte Woman.

  15. Becks, very very good!! You got both #s 3 and 7! I'm impressed!

  16. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This?, #s 4 and 6.