Monday, April 18, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 80

Late again, we're having health issues around here, nothing too serious.

Here are the answers to TT79:

Who Said This? "He's so low that when they bury him, they'll have to dig UP!" Who Said This?

Answer: Connie Emerson (Audrey Meadows' character) said this about Everett Beasley (John Astin's character) in That Touch of Mink.

4. Besides Advance to the Rear, name another film for which The New Christie Minstrels sang the opening title song.

Answer: The Wheeler Dealers, starring James Garner and Lee Remick.

6. Name a Sidney Lumet (R.I.P.) film featuring Dan O'Herlihy.

Answer: Fail Safe.

And for no particular reason (except perhaps to please some of the ladies). here is a picture of Errol Flynn. This one was contributed by Becks, sent to us in email (sorry Becks, we just saw the email!, JoAnn says "Thanks so much!")

Here is TT80; it's short and sweet!

Who Said This? "Why do you have to wake me up every time I'm on a date with Ann Sheridan!" Who Said This?

1. Name the film which the above quote (Who Said This?) is from, as well as the co-stars.

2. This early '30s score is credited by some with changing the face of film music forever. Name the film and the composer.

3. George Stevens gave Rock Hudson his choice of two leading ladies for Giant. He picked Elizabeth Taylor; name the other actress he cold have chosen.

4. Aaron Copeland composed the scores for two films that took place in California. Name them.


  1. Who said this? It sounds like Bob Hope.

    (1) If Bob Hope is right, co-stars would be Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour in one of the Road To pictures, but I don't know which one.

    If Bob Hope is wrong, ignore (1) -- LOL!

    (4) Of Mice and Men and The Red Pony, both Steinbeck.

  2. Becks, re Who Said This?, sorry...not even close! But please try again.

    As to #4, yep, you are spot on!

  3. Steinbeck novel's were a result of d Great Depression, esp d Dust Bowl disaster when small land owners were selling off their sole property to d MNCS & d Big Industrialists for a paltry sum. 'The Grapes of Wrath' made into a film in 1940 which won d Pulitzer & gave John Ford his 2nd Oscar as Best-Dir is a Must-see movie for all movie-buffs.

  4. Who said this - is it Ronald Reagan in Desperate Journey? I watched that film not too long ago for Arthur Kennedy and I seem to remember hearing that line.

  5. DKoren, you are right! Good job!

    That movie is full of great lines! One of my favorites is "The iron fist has a glass jaw!", again by Reagan's character referring to Raymond Massey's character.