Sunday, December 27, 2009

This week's poll: You are going on Safari!

Santa left two tickets in your Christmas stocking for an all expense paid trip for two. Pack your bags! You are going on Safari! You are going to stay at the very best lodge. All you need is to pick your favorite Safari tour guide. Will it be....

1. Dana Andrews from Elephant Walk (1954). Knows the best place to spot elephants. And if you are up for a party...this guy knows all the best watering holes.

2. Stewart Granger from King Solomon's Mines (1950). Will take you on a wonderful romantic tour of beautiful villages where you will meet the friendly natives and see awesome views of Africa...not to mention an exciting tour of a diamond mine.

3. Clark Gable from Mogambo (1953). Will teach you the difference between a kangaroo and a baby rhino. A perfect host, but... a word of warning... keep a close eye on your wife.

4. Gregory Peck from The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952). Author and big game hunter who will take you kayaking...but just In case you fall in with the hippos, he is fearless and will fish you out. In the evening while you are relaxing around the camp fire with your hot chocolate, he will tell you stories about his past adventures.

5. Charlton Heston from The Naked Jungle (1954).This brooding plantation owner will show you how they exterminate ants from the plantations.

6. John Wayne from Hatari (1962). Heads a group of professional game hunters.You are guaranteed a spectacular adventure. Plenty of night life..drinking (soda), dancing, and singing.

7. Humphrey Bogart from African Queen (1951). The gruff -looking river tour guide will take you on a White River rafting adventure...sure to be "the most stimulating physical experience of your life time."

8. Gene Tierney from Sundown (1941) Our only female tour guide. You will travel by caravan through northern Africa, where you will see how people live their lives in quaint little villages.

I hope your safari was a wonderful experience.


  1. This is a tough poll, Dawn! For me, it's between Stewart Granger (I might be able to pocket a few li'l diamonds) and Gene Tierney (because she's Gene Tierney!). I'm pondering...

  2. Uh... Gene Tierney. Like Rick said, it's Gene Tierney. That's a good enough reason. Excellent poll, Dawn!

  3. Dawn, I love the picture of the beautiful lions you posted! I like Stewart Granger and would be intrigued to see a diamond mine. What a fun idea for a poll!

  4. I voted for the young Charlton Heston.. ((sigh))

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  6. Rick and Sark I'm with you .Gene can guide me anytime.