Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trivia Time - Part 14

Well, I'm back from my break. I really needed the time off to make Trivia Time fresh & fun. In the New Year, I plain on taking Trivia Time in a few new different directions, but till then Rick, you have a "Free Pass for this week, and Sark's wife and Dawn's start in January. All clear?

OK, let's go. Who Am I? I was in two TV series in the 60's and one in the 70's. One of my co-stars in the 60's was Rich Little. Who am I? Can you name the shows? Any of my co-stars?

#1. Who "took care of" Lee Marvin in the cult film Shack Out on 101?

#2. Who was the male lead?

#3. Besides James Darren, what other actor (male or female) was in all 3 Gidget films?

#4. Name at least 3 TV series that James Darren was in and what were his parts.

#5. Who was "The Great Bird of the Universe"? (Aki, if you miss this I'll be shocked.)

#6. Brain Buster #1. How many different cars were used in the Get Smart opening? For a "Free Pass" for January, name them in the correct order.

#7 Brain Buster # 2. What soon to be famous director directed the Get Smart episode: "Washington 4, Indians 3"?

#8.Brain Buster # 3. The Name of the Game had a "cult classic" episode called "LA 2017." Who directed it and what was it about?

#9. Brain Buster #4. What male singer had a ongoing role as himself on what TV show.

#10. Brain Buster#5. What famous TV spot did this person do?


  1. 3. Joby Baker from the TV series "Good Morning, World."

    5. Gene Roddenberry?

    8. Steven Spielberg. Gene Barry (who just passed away) played a big magazine publisher. He falls asleep in this episode and dreams about a future L.A. which has suffered an ecological disaster. Very different episode for this series!

  2. Rick AKA Mr Free Pass ,very good. I knew you would get #3 if you remember Good Morning, World was on a past trivia time. Rick do you remember the name of the publishing company?

  3. Alas, I do not. But I do remember the show!

  4. #3) James Darren was in Time Tunnel and TJ Hooker. He was Tony Newman in the first and officer Jim Corrigan in the second. I think he had a recurring part on Melrose Place in the 1990's but don't remember the charcter's name.

  5. Sorry the previous answer was for #4

  6. I think you're Peter Duel who was in Love on a Rooftop, Gidget, and Alias Smith and Jones. Really liked him as Gidget's wacky brother in law John. (James Darren and the Gidget theme got me thinking about the Gidget TV show and that led me to Duel)

  7. #9) I'm going to say Mel Torme who appeared on Night Court multiple times as himself because he was Judge Harry Stone's idol.

  8. Gilby, your on fire tonight. First, yes I'm Pete Duel. Second # 9 is Mel Torme, and you need one more for James Darren, Melrose Place is not what I was looking for. I bet Aki, might know. Rick the company was Howard Publications and the "Black Building " used as it's headquarters was the (New at the time) old MCA Building on the edge of the Universal lot in Universal City. See Gilby, some times the questions do relate to each other.

  9. Very impressive, Gilby. I always liked Pete Duel. It was very sad that he committed suicide. It was odd how the producers of ALIAS SMITH AND JONES replaced him with Roger Davis (though I liked Roger).

  10. Thanks for the compliments Paul & Rick, but I'm still stuck on James Darren's 3rd series.

  11. i'm thinkin'..

    can i have a hint for #1?

  12. Ok Dawn ,a very small hint. It was not the lead male star. Gilby ,James Darren also did direct some Melrose Place eposides so I'll give you points for that .

  13. Judy Carne

    1, 2, no idea

    3) Jeff Donnell

    4) TJ Hooker (Officer Jim Corrigan), Melrose Place, Tony; Star Trek Deep Space 9 (VIc Fontaine)

    5) Gene Roddenberry

    6) ????

    7) Richard Donner

    8) Steven Spielberg and ???

    9 and 10 no idea

  14. #10) Mel Torme did a commercial for Mountain Dew -- it's posted on You Tube.

  15. Dawn, OK Let's go with what you got right. # 4 # 5, # 7 and half of # 8.
    Gilby, 2 answers would be correct. " Do The Dew " is the one I was looking for but I would also accept the Shelly Hack "Charlie" spot too. Vic Fontaine On Deep Space Nine is the 3rd James Darren show I was looking for , Gilby.

  16. Thank Paul, you had me stumped on James Darren's third TV show. Very good question.

  17. Sharilee, I'm so sorry . Too little sleep and too much coffee, so I'll give you a Free Pass for next week for my mistake.