Monday, December 21, 2009

Trivia Time Part 14: The Answers

Wow, what a great week. Gilby, Rick (your free pass is over), and Sharilee (you have a Free Pass for next week), you got all but three questions. Here is what you missed:

#1. Whit Bissell (who else) "took care" of that Commie spy scum Lee Marvin with a spear gun in Shack Out on 101. Sorry, Dawn.

#2. Frank Lovejoy was the male lead in Shack Out on 101.

# 6. Brain Buster #1. Here is the correct order for all the cars on Get Smart: #1 a Ferrari; #2. Sunbeam Tiger; #3 VW Karman Ghia; # 4 Opel GT; and  # 5 Alpha Romeo Spyder.


  1. I should have guessed! If in doubt, always guess Whit Bissell, the "hardest working man in show business"!

  2. Rick ,Whit's always a safe bet and most of the time it is him. Long Live THE WBSA.