Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Week's Poll is a Critics' Choice...or a Choice of Critics!

The movie industry has shown little interest in exploring the lives those who criticize its product for a living. Thus, there just aren’t a lot of movies about film or theatre critics. That said, a pretty impressive group of actors starred as critics in the films below. Which of the following is your favorite movie featuring a film or theatre critic?

Critic’s Choice (1963). Bob Hope plays a theater critic stuck in the unenviable position of reviewing a new play written by his wife (Lucille Ball).

Theatre of Blood (1973). Vincent Price stars as a Shakespearean actor skewered by drama critics, who gains his revenge by murdering them in stylish methods inspired by the Bard.

All About Eve (1950).  George Sanders won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his delightful turn as acid-tongued theater critic Addison DeWitt.

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1960). In this light comedy, Doris Day suspects her theatre critic husband David Niven of having an affair with a younger woman (Janis Paige).

Citizen Kane. As the drama critic for the New York Enquirer, Joseph Cotten’s writer loses his job after writing a scathing (but honest) review of a dreadful operatic performance by Charles Foster Kane’s wife.

If you can think of any additional films about critics, please leave a comment. To vote in this poll, click on your choice in the green sidebar on the right.


  1. Rick, while I certainly admire Joseph Cotten's character for telling the truth about Mrs. Kane, respect the performance given by George Sanders, and laugh at David Niven and Bob Hope for their roles, the standout for me is on the other side of the review: the actor played by Vincent Price. But please don't remind me of the poor canines!

  2. I'm with you Toto. This is a great chance to laud one of my favorite films of all, the great Vincent Price, and black comedy! Good poll, Rick!