Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trivia Time Part 34 - The Answers

Good work to all of you who played this week. Becky, glad to have you back.

OK, here is the answer to Who am I? We are Dana Andrews and Farley Granger. Dana & Farley played brothers in Farley's first film, The North Star, directed by Lewis Milestone. He also directed them in The Purple Heart. I thought the clue with Cathy in Best Years of Our Lives was a sure give away. Guess not. Also, the one film Dawn did not get for # 5 was 1968's Prudence and the Pill.


  1. I haven't seen the film, so that's why I didn't get it. Will have to watch "The North Star".

  2. Paul, I have not seen the film, 1968's Prudence and the Pill.

  3. What you have never seen it? A 60's "flashback "