Monday, May 10, 2010

Trivia Time Part 36 - The Answer to # 7.

OK, here is the answer to #7, along with more of the work of the one of my heroes: the great Stan Freberg.
BTW, the second spot is his reaction to a Lark (show us your Lark Pack) spot.


  1. I loved Stan Freberg's recurring role on Roseanne back in the 1990's. He played a store manager who got fired thanks to Rosie and then kept showing up wherever she or a family member went. He was hilarious.

  2. Boy do I feel dumb..;)

    I have the Ann Miller, The Great American Soup add, on Noir and Chick Flicks: Musical Page..LOL.

  3. Gilby, I Love Stan. Dawn, don't feel dumb. it was a hard question

  4. Paul, you are amazing. I usually feel dumb too, Dawn, although I am incredibly intelligent (and modest). But Paul is always able to stump me!