Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Secret Movie Star Game #2

Last week, I think I did a bad job of explaining the rules. Fortunately, Toto was still able to figure out the puzzle! This is not a crossword puzzle nor an anagram. The object of the game is to solve the identity of the secret movie star whose name is spelled vertically in the red boxes. To do that, you must fill in the horizontal rows with names of other famous stars based on the cryptic clues below. Here are some helpful hints to playing:

- There is no connection between the stars in the horizontal rows and the secret star in the red vertical column.
- A star may be identified by his/her first or last name. For example, one of the clue's last week was "June Allyson's husband" and the answer was "Dick" (as in Dick Powell).
- The object of the game is to guess the secret star, so I won't tell you if you got one of the clues correct. Still, you're encouraged to post them and help out one another...but only if you want to!

If no one guesses the Secret Star by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, I'll post the solution. Good luck!

1. Starred with Boris Karloff in a movie in which the principal shooting was completed in four days.

2. She knew how to whistle.

3. Joan Rivers co-wrote the theatrical film that introduced him to movie-goers.

4. A youthful regular on the TV series The Rifleman.

5. Love interest for Tippi Hedren and Doris Day in different movies.

6. Nominated for seven Best Actors Oscars, but never won.

7. Starting in 1951, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for four years in a row.

8. Dame that starred in a 1938 Hitchcock film.


  1. Hi Rick,

    We (JoAnn and I) think that the secret star is Rita Hayworth. Here are our guesses for the answers to the questions:

    2. BACALL (or LAUREN)
    3. CRYSTAL
    5. ROD
    6. ??
    7. RITTER
    8. WHITTY

  2. Oh, JoAnn just figured out that that #6 was Richard BURTON.

  3. Paul, you and JoAnn are right on everything! If you plug those names into the puzzle, what famous star's name appears vertically in the red boxes?

  4. See our first comment, above....we already said we thought it was Rita HAYWORTH, LOL!!

    Thanks for a great game!

  5. Thanks, JoAnn! I've had a long day and missed the obvious. Hey, you too are a pretty impressive team. Is this a fun game or not? Be honest, because there don't appear to be many people playing.

  6. I have been beseiged with paperwork today. Excellent job, Paul and JoAnn! This was fun, Rick!

  7. Thanks Rick! Paul and I thought it was a lot of fun! I suspect lots of people were busy at work today (like toto2) and we just got lucky and beat them to it!

  8. I think it's a great game! I wasn't home most of the day and didn't get to it, but I'd like to try next time!