Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 51

Great job last week, guys, you nailed all but one! The answer to Trivia Time Part 50, #1: Richard Loo's button in Road to Morocco says, "I'm a Chinese American".

Without further ado, here is Part 51. Enjoy!

Who Am I? My film career as a character actress spans over 40 years. Although I've appeared in several Oscar-winning films, including The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show on Earth, and The Best Years of Our Lives, very few people know my name. Many of my roles were uncredited, even substantial speaking parts. Who am I?

Who Am I? I'm a stunt man turned director; in the movie mentioned in #s 7 - 9, I broke my back. Who am I?

1. This late 1960s film boasts one future Oscar winner and three future TV stars among the supporting cast; name the film and the actors.

2. The character Mick Travers appears in three separate films; who played him?

3. Name all three Mick Travers films, in order, and who directed each one.

4. What do these three films have in common: An Affair to Remember, Bachelor Mother, and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit?

5. Many film historians feel that this 1950s film has the first modern jazz score; name the film, the composer and the star.

6. What do these three films have in common: Forever Amber, The Bad and the Beautiful, and Capone (1959)?

7. Name the movie that has the line, "Get me out of here! I'm up to my ass in gas!"?

8. Who said the line in #7 and who was the director of the film?

9. Name the two main male co-stars and both female co-stars of the movie in #s 7 and 8.

10. Name the films that contain the following lines: (a) "Your eyes are bluer than Steve McQueen's!" and (b) "You heard your brother, it's a gopher!".


  1. Questions 2 & 3 Malcolm McDowell played Mick Travers in: If (68), O Lucky Man (73), and then Brittania Hospital (82), all of which were directed by the great Lindsay Anderson.

    Question 5: The Man with the Golden Arm (I'm a Historien Français, so I could be wrong, though the French love jazz)

  2. Kim, way to go, you got #2 and 3! You beat Rick to the Malcolm McDowell question! BTW, O Lucky Man is one of Rick's (and my) favorite films!

    You are right about the film in #5, but still need to tell us the composer and the star...

  3. Well, Kim answered the only questions I knew! Still, I'll try McQ for #7.

  4. #5 continued: star Francis Albert Sinatra & director Otto Preminger

  5. So silly, you want the composer, not the director. Composer: Elmer Bernstein

  6. Hi Paul -- last night and today are really busy, but I'll come back this evening and see if I can figure out some of your challenging questions -- unless, that is, somebody else has already answered all of them!

  7. Rick, you're absolutely right about #7, it is McQ! But I'm shocked that you haven't answered part (a) of #10! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

    Kim, very good, I'll give you a bonus point for Otto! You get a free pass for next week if you can tell me who was Malcolm's "famous" co-star in Brittania Hospital?

    OK Becks, I'll hold you to it! See you later!

  8. LOL! Rick, I knew I'd shame you into it! You're right, of course.

    BTW....I thought you didn't post while you were at work? Or were you "out to lunch", LOL!

  9. Since I moved, I can post at work. Different IT policies...go figure!

  10. Thanks! Inquiring minds wanted to know!

  11. Brief Recap for those keeping score....the following questions still have NOT been answered:

    The two Who Am I?s, #s 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10(b).

    Although Rick should be able to answer #s 8 and 9 at this point....what's up with that, Rick??

  12. I'm trying to let others enjoy TT, too! Actually, John Wayne and Eddie Albert were the male leads in McQ. One female lead was Diana Muldaur, but I don't know the other without looking her up.

  13. Well, John Wayne was the lead, but there were two male co-stars besides....yes, Eddie Albert was one of them but I'm looking for one more name. You're also correct about Diana Muldaur.

    So Rick, you've definitely made headway on question #9, you got about half of it!

    Thanks for showing restraint and letting others answer questions too! BTW, if you want to, you can take a shot at the free pass question I posed to Kim! First one who posts the correct answer wins the pass....

  14. Way to go, Kim! You got the free pass for next week! Yeah, Mark Hamill, what a "smokin'" role! LOL!

  15. Well Paul, I did come back -- much good it did me. My answers add up to a dismal zero! Sometimes my brain just won't work for me. For this particular Trivia Time, I will forthwith just enjoy seeing others rack their brains! As for me, "my head is bloodied, but unbowed."

  16. Becks, sorry that you're "bloodied" (I thought this was a non-violent family blog!).

    Better luck next time!