Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 52

I guess last week's TT was a little tougher than I thought! Here are the answers to unanswered questions:

Who Am I? #1: Dorothy Adams

Who Am I? #2: Hal Needham

1. The film is The Graduate, and the actors are Richard Dreyfus, Norman Fell, William Daniels, and Mike Farrell.

4. Dorothy Adams

6. Composer David Raskin

8. John Wayne and John Sturges

9. Rick got Eddie Albert and Diana Muldaur; still needed Clu Gulager and Colleen Dewhurst.

10(b). With Six You Get Eggroll

And here is TT #52:

Who Am I? I caused an international incident when I decided to stay in the United States during a brief visit. My wife chose to go back to our native land. In my short film career, I worked with Danny Glover, Viggo Mortensen, John McTiernan, and Patti LuPone, among others. I died at the age of 45 of "natural causes". Who Am I?

Who Am I? I was not an actress, nor did I want to become one. But I was pressured for more than a year by a film maker to star in his movie. After I finally agreed, I was sunburned to the point of blistering on the first day of shooting, injured my neck jumping out of a window, and was frequently suspended in harnesses in front of wind machines. My colleagues from my "day job" never quite trusted me again...from that day forward they viewed me as an "actress". I always felt that it had ruined my primary career. Who Am I?

1. This film was the first non-Disney film to be allowed to shoot scenes at Disneyland. Name the film.

2. Legend has it that this phrase from this John Ford film was the inspiration for a Buddy Holly hit. Give the phrase, the film, and the Buddy Holly song.

3. David Janssen had two TV series after The Fugitive; name them...bonus points for correct order.

4. This David Janssen film has a "Star Trek" connection; name the film and explain the connection.

5. What do these three films have in common: A Face in the Crowd, King Creole, and Fail Safe?

6. Name two future TV stars who had supporting roles in King Creole.

7. The director of this film originally wanted Frank Sinatra and Mitzi Gaynor in two of the main roles. It was one of the few American films ever rated "Condemned" by the Roman Catholic Legion of Decency and was initially banned from release in the state of Kansas. Name the film.

8. Which film features James Darren, Roger Smith and Dick York all in supporting roles?

9. During the making of this film, the female star, irritated by the male star's habit of French-kissing her during their love scenes, slapped him hard when the script called for a slap. The anger in his face is clearly visible in the movie....a true reaction to the wallop. Name the film and the stars.

10. What do these three films have in common: The Harvey Girls, The Valley of Decision, and My Friend Flicka?


  1. I'm not sure it's right, but I'll guess that #7 is The Moon Is Blue.

  2. Oh -- what's the matter with me? #9 must be The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, Bette Davis and Errol Flynn. I adore Bette Davis, but she must be CRAZY!! Excuse my weakness, but having Errol Flynn french-kiss ..... sigh...

  3. On 6, Vic Morrow and Carolyn Jones!

    And 5 - I'm going to guess the thing in common is Walter Matthau plays nasty characters in each?

  4. Oh, and I forgot 4. The Green Berets has George Takei (Sulu in Star Trek) in a supporting role.

  5. Hi Becks, sorry you're wrong about #7 but of course you're right about #9! JoAnn put an Errol Flynn question in there just for you, LOL!!

    Welcome DKoren! You're absolutely right about #s 5 and 6! Very good!

    Regarding #4, I will accept this answer, because you're right about Takei, but I was actually looking for another Janssen film with an even more prominent Star Trek connection! Hint: George is in the other film too!

  6. Boy I'm stumped about #7. And thank you JoAnn for thinking of me with Errol Flynn!! Those are the only ones I seem to get!

  7. Becks, don't think Preminger, think someone else! And JoAnn says you're welcome, she has a weakness for Flynn too! We know how to get a response out of you, LOL!

  8. Could #7 be The French Line, with Jane Russell? I can't see Mitzi Gaynor doing those raunchy dances, but that's my second guess.

  9. Paul, I should have known last weeks #10 question. Gosh darn it...

    This week:
    #2. I think it was from the The John Wayne film, The Searchers. Wayne's frequently said in the film. "That'll be the day."

  10. #7. I want to say the film, The Outlaw (1943).

  11. #6. Vic Morrow and Jack Grinnage.

  12. Who am I? #1 Alexander Godunov
    #7) The Moon is Blue

  13. I missed Becky's earlier guess for #7 -- I'll go with Some Like It Hot instead

  14. #3) O'Hara, US Treasury & Harry O

  15. Who am I? #2 Moira Shearer -- I remember reading she refused for a year to do The Red Shoes.

  16. Just popping in to say GREAT GUESS on Who Am I #2 Gilby. I bet that's right.

  17. Paul ---- Paul --- echo --- echo --- we are dying to know if we got anything right so far!

  18. Sorry, guys, for getting back to you so late. I had to drive south to LA today and just got back. It was 113 degrees in downtown LA!! Hotter in the valleys! Yuck!

    I thought I was in Arizona!!

    Becks, sorry, you're incorrect on's not The French Line.

    Dawn, way to go on #2!! Good job! But no cigar for #7, it's not The Outlaw, either! And DKoren answered #6 earlier...although you did get half of it right.

    And Gilby's on a roll, as usual! Gilby, you've knocked off #s 1, 3, 7 (yes, it's Some Like It Hot) and both Who Am I?s!!

    And Becks, I really expected you to nail the Who Am I?s considering your past ballet blogs, LOL!

  19. Oops! I goofed...the heat must have fried my brain!!

    Although Gilby has done a fantastic job, she did NOT get question #1 (she hasn't attempted it - yet). She did answer Who Am I #1.

    Here's a recap, folks. The still unanswered questions are #s 1, 4, 8 and 10.

    Great job so far, those of you who've played TT 52! Keep it up!!

  20. Ah hah! Your ballet mention triggered it! I think Who Am I #1 is Alexander Gudonov, the ballet dancer. He was thought to have possibly committed suicide, but friends and family say it was alcohol abuse. Did I get it?

  21. Yes, Becks, you're absolutely right, it's Gudonov (death attributed to acute alcohol syndrome)...but unfortunately Gilby got that one earlier!

    But you apparently missed reading that, so you obviously came up with that one on your own; good for you!

  22. Well, yes I did miss Gilby's answer. I should have known she would beat me out! Curses! Foiled again!

  23. Gilby: yep! #8 is Operation Mad Ball

    Becks, was that aluminum-foiled again? Just asking? LOL!

    Remember the words of Snidely Whiplash, "It's hard to think straight when you have a crooked mind!"

  24. Becky you know you're ahead overall!

  25. Aluminum foiled?!!! Oh Paul....groaner!!!
    I haven't thought of Snidely Whiplash in ages. I loved that show!
    Gilby, you are very kind, but too modest -- you've got it all over me with the trivia test!

  26. On Question 4 - my other guess was Birds of Prey, as that's the name for the Romulan ships... but I'd watched Birds of Prey for Ralph Meeker, so honestly wasn't paying that much attention to the rest of the actors, but if I recall, George Takei was most definitely not in that one. So there must be still another movie! LOL! I'm stumped!

  27. #10) Just watched My Friend Flicka on Fox Movie Channel Preston Foster was one of the stars and I pretty sure he was in the other two movies.

  28. Gilby, sorry for the delay! Of course, you're absolutely right about Preston Foster being the answer to #10. Good job as always!!

    DKoren, sorry about that, didn't mean for that question (#4) to be such a tough one! See the next post for the answer!