Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 49

Well, I'm back (sort of). I apologize again for the delay.

First, here are the answers to the questions in TT #48 that are still unanswered:

Who Am I? #1 (banjo player) = Jerry Van Dyke

#4. Character actor Leonid Kinskey (bartender in Casablanca).
#5. I was looking for Good Neighbor Sam, although clearly there were other possible answers.
#6. Jack Lemmon
#10. Believe it or not, Hedda Hopper was known as the "Queen of the Quickies" during the silent film era. (This one was tricky.... JoAnn came up with it)

OK, now for this week's TT:

Which film is this? Hedda Hopper tried unsuccessfully to have this 1940's-era Oscar-winning film banned.

1. Which two future TV stars played the Martin brothers in first season episode of Wanted Dead or Alive entitled "The Martin Poster".

2. One of these actors went on to make a feature film with Steve McQueen. Name the film.

3. Who was the director of the film in #2?

4. Which big star was offered the part of Dirty Harry before Clint Eastwood and turned it down?

5. What was the name of the MGM film that Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr made together before Affair to Remember?

6. Who once said of Margaret O'Brien "If that child had been born in the middle ages, she'd have been burned as a witch."?

7. What was the name of the movie in which Rita Moreno habitually "borrowed" the use of Les Tremayne's refrigerator just to store milk?

8. Who were the stars of the Warner Bros. TV series called The Roaring Twenties?

9. Which former child star turned musician/composer worked with Grace Kelly? Name the film.

10. Errol Flynn got his role in the film Kim because this MGM star turned it down. Name the star. (Becks, I expect you to know this one!)


  1. Yeah for TT's return! For #1, the guest stars were Nick Adams and Michael Landon. For #2, Steve and Nick were both in HELL IS FOR HEROES (which is pretty good). By the way, WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE has a great theme.

  2. Which film is this? -- Is it "Gentlemen's Agreement?
    #4 I think Steve McQueen
    #10 I am red with shame - I do not know this Errol Flynn question.

  3. Hey Rick, you're absolutely right about Nick and Mike, and about Hell is for Heroes! Way to go! For a free pass for next week, do you know why the film ended the way it did?

    Becks, your face was only red? I thought it might be magenta!!

    Seriously, I'm sorry to say you're wrong on all counts (so far). But don't give up!!

  4. Don Siegel went over budget and couldn't shoot the ending the way it was scripted.

  5. Yes! Seigel went over budget and Paramount literally refused to give him more filmstock, so it had to be DONE!

    P.S. Paramount did something similar to Joe Dante with Explorers.

  6. #4 - Wasn't it SInatra (among others?)
    #5 - Indiscreet (is that spelled correctly?)
    #8 - Dorothy Provine, Rex Reason (wasn't it a cast-off of The Alaskans?) I know there's a third star, but I aint gunna say Jeff York

  7. Beelzabub, for #4, yes, Sinatra was one of those offered the part so I'll accept it as correct, but that's not the one I'm looking for...which leaves #4 still open. And #8 is correct! Sorry to say, #5 is not....

    Hey Saz, you're absolutely right on both Which Film is This? and the film for #5!

  8. Saz, you're on a roll! Correct, as always!

  9. Yes Paul, my face is deeper than magenta -- it is mahogany. How could I not know an Errol question? Is #4 Marlon Brando?

  10. EEEH! Wrong again!

    Sorry Becks, nice try....Mahogany? I thought that was a bad Diana Ross film!

  11. Actually, #4 was correctly answered by Saz (John Wayne)....forgot to mention that.

    I believe that all questions have now been answered with the exceptions of #s 9 and 10.

  12. Paul,

    For the preservation of my sanity, could you offer one clue each for 9 and 10?

  13. Saz, for #9, I'll give a clue: he's still actively scoring films and he produced the last Marley's Ghost CD. And that's all you're getting, LOL!

  14. I have conflicting information from different sources for #10, so I'm throwing it out.

    INSTEAD, here's the new #10:
    Who played the title role in the 1960s series Ensign O'Toole, and who was the co-star?

  15. #10 I remember Dean Stockwell, and I think Beau Bridges, but I don't know if Beau was a main co-star.

    So who did you think was supposed to play in Kim besides Errol Flynn? Can you still my foolish heart and tell me?

  16. Becks, I'll take Beau Bridges as a co-star in Ensign O'Toole but Dean Stockwell was not in the title role.

    As for Kim, I *thought* I had heard (on TCM) that Stewart Granger was offered the role before Flynn was, and declined it. Then I read almost exactly the opposite on a couple of websites, i.e., that actually it was Flynn who was offered the choice of either doing Kim or King Solomon's Mines and decided that Kim would be less of an effort. So Granger got to do Mines because Flynn turned it down and he became a superstar as a result.

    It gets more complicated than that, though. MGM had plans to make Kim much earlier; the wheels were in motion in 1938 with Freddie Bartholomew as Kim and Lionel Barrymore (who was then replaced by Robert Taylor) as Mahbub Ali. This first attempt failed, but then in 1942 it was announced that the following people had been cast in the movie: Mickey Rooney, Conrad Veidt, Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, and maybe even George Sanders(?). The movie still wasn't made due to the subject matter being unpopular in India at the time (they were fighting for their independence). Finally, in 1948, India achieved independence and then was willing to fully cooperate with the filming of Kim. So the movie was made and released in 1951....with Flynn, of course.

    So, anyway, I was confused, or TCM was....? or both! LOL!!

  17. Saz, sorry, the gentleman in question in #9 did NOT produce Marley's Ghost's LATEST album....he produced the one BEFORE that (Spooked). Boy, I AM confused today! Cue up Led Zeppelin!!

  18. Sorry, I meant Dean Jones in Ensign O'Toole. I always get those names mixed up.
    And #9 is Van Dyke Parks, was in The Swan with Grace Kelly. I cannot claim too much credit for this one - I looked it up!
    BTW Paul, speaking of Led Zeppelin, I got to see them in concert at the Indiana State Fair Coliseum in I think 1969. Sat in the 5th row right in front of a speaker, got 2 1/2 solid hours of Led Zeppelin, no front band, just the Zep. 20 minute version of Whole Lotta Love to end it. Couldn't hear for 2 hours afterward. Best concert I've ever seen.

  19. Becks, you're right on with the answers for numbers 9 and 10! Good job!

    Sorry for the delay in my reply, I had to watch my Boise State Broncos beat Virginia Tech!!

    You were only deaf for 2 hours? They must not have played that loud.....

    BTW, I never saw the Zep, but I did see the Who at the Hollywood Bowl in '67 or '68....they were the third from the bottom of the bill! The headliners were The Association, LOL!