Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Secret Movie Star Game #3

The object of this game is to solve the identity of the secret movie star whose name is spelled vertically in the red boxes. To do that, you must fill in the horizontal rows with names of other famous stars based on the cryptic clues below. Here are some helpful hints to playing:

- There is no connection between the stars in the horizontal rows and the secret star in the red vertical column.

- A star may be identified by his/her first or last name. For example, one of the clues in a previous game was was "June Allyson's husband" and the answer was "Dick" (as in Dick Powell).

- The object of the game is to guess the secret star, so I won't tell you if you got one of the clues correct. Still, you're encouraged to post them and help out one another...but only if you want to!

If no one guesses the Secret Star by on Tuesday night, I'll post the solution. This may be the last edition of the Secret Movie Star Game, so good luck.

1. Played an “Anna” in two of her most famous films.

2. Lied about her age to Ray Milland.

3. Quatermass creator.

4. British character actor in the Hitch flick with the “lying flashback.”

5. Danced in films with Gene and Fred.

6. Many thought she should have been Miss Doolittle.

7. Starred in the remake of the movie referenced in #2.


  1. I'm guessing you're going for Dirk BOGARDE...
    1. Greta Garbo = B (from Garbo)
    2. Ginger Rogers = O (from Rogers)
    3. Nigel Kneale = G (from Nigel)
    4. Alastair Sim = A (from Alastair)
    5. Leslie Caron = R (from Caron)
    6. Julie Andrews = D (from Andrews)
    7. Jerry Lewis = E (from either)

  2. You made short work of this puzzle, Eve! Very impressive! Dirk is indeed the Secret Movie Star. My favorite Dirk Bogarde film: VICTIM, though I also thought he was in fine form in all the DOCTOR movies.

  3. Excellent job, Eve! And another fun puzzle, Rick!

  4. Eve, you are a wonder! I am a big fan of Dirk Bogarde too, Rick, although my favorite film of his was Libel. Excellent film. And he was very good in A Tale of Two Cities, although Ronald Colman still remains my favorite in that role.

  5. Great job Eve!!

    Rick, this puzzle was a good one...lots of fun!

  6. Great puzzle, Rick...had fun figuring it out...I liked Dirk Bogarde in The Servant and The Night Porter and, of course, Darling...

  7. Awesome job, Eve! Awesome puzzle, Rick!