Monday, August 1, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 91

Sorry for missing last week... We are in the midst of moving from CA to ID and I'm posting this from an undisclosed hotel in the greater Boise area as we wait for our furniture to arrive!

Anyway, here are the answers to the unanswered or partially answered questions from TT90:

Who Are We? One of us (person #1) had a very public fist fight with Errol Flynn in the front yard of a big producer and studio head. Person #1 was also throttled and then punched out by person #2 during the making of a movie directed by person #1 and starred in by person #2. Who Are We?

Answer: Becks already figured out that person #1 is John Huston. Person #2 is John Wayne, who got mad at Huston during the making of The Barbarian and the Geisha.

4. Who was the star of the TV series, Quark, and what was his character's occupation?

Answer: Richard Benjamin, who played Adam Quark, the captain of a United Galactic Sanitation Patrol ship (i.e., he was a garbage collector).

5. Name the other series the star of Quark appeared in, and his co-stars.

Answer: Richard Benjamin starred in He & She, co-starring Paula Prentiss and Jack Cassidy.

6. Name a film in which Eddie Albert, Orson Welles, and Trevor Howard all appeared. Name the stars and the director.

Answer: The Roots of Heaven (1958), starring Errol Flynn and Juliette Gréco, directed by John Huston.

8. Who was John Huston's first choice to play Allison the Marine in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison?

Answer: Marlon Brando

And here is Trivia Time 91:

Who Are We? A ten-year-old actress saw a handsome young man walking down a hallway at 20th Century Fox. Reportedly, she turned and told her mother, "I'm going to marry him someday." And she did. Who Are We?

Who Said This in Which Film? "Nothing's riding on this except the, uh, First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country. Not that any of that matters, but if you guys (bleep) up again, I'm going to get mad. Goodnight." Who Said This in Which Film?

Who Said This in Which Film? "They didn't shoot a real horse, just a costume with two waiters in it." Who Said This in Which Film?

1. Name the film in which Una O'Connor faints into Robert Young's arms, and Rags Ragland tries to revive her by patting her hand.

2. Name the studio's first choice for the role of Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (1940).

3. Name the famous actress who wanted but did NOT get the part of Elizabeth Bennett in the film in the previous question.

4. Where is Errol Flynn buried? And where did he actually WANT to be buried?


  1. These are 2 far-out guesses, but here goes:
    The 10-yr-old actress & the handsome young man: wld that be Shirley Temple & John Agar? (like I said, a wild guess, but she's the only 10-yr-old I can think of at Fox).
    The actress who wanted the Elizabeth Bennett role - wld that be Vivien Leigh? (Why anyone else wld be considered EXCEPT Olivier for Darcy is beyond me!)
    As usual, a great & challenging trivia quiz!

  2. Thank you for the compliment, GOM!

    As to your guesses, Shirley and John were a good guess for Who Are We?, but there was actually another 10-year-old at're close, but no cigar! Please keep thinking about it!

    You are absolutely correct on #3, it was Vivian Leigh. Good job!

  3. For the 10-year-old actress at Fox, I'm going to guess Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner?

  4. Welcome, backlots! Yep, you got it, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner are the couple in question! And of course, she actually married him twice!

    For a free pass for next week, name the one film and the TV adaptation of a classic play that they made together.

  5. "Nothing's riding on this except the, uh, First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country. Not that any of that matters, but if you guys (bleep) up again, I'm going to get mad. Goodnight." Who Said This in Which Film? Jason Robards, Jr as Ben Bradlee in All The President's Men

  6. Anonymous, you got it!

    BTW, where IS Ben Bradlee when we need him?

  7. Wasn't the play that Natalie and RJ did together Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on TV?

    Is number 1 with Una O'Connor "The Canterville Ghost"?

  8. jnpickens, very good, you got part of the bonus question, but for the free pass we still need the name of the film made by Nat and RJ.

    And yes! #1 is The Canterville Ghost!

  9. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This? #2, and questions #2 and 4.

  10. I'm awfully late getting here. Sorry guys!

    #4 He is buried in Forest Lawn in CA. He wanted to be buried in Hobart, Tasmania, his home town, at least according to one of his grandsons. I also heard that his last wife, the really young one, Beverly I think, had him buried in an unmarked grave for a long time. Don't know if this is true.

    I read on his daughter's website that the Academy of Motion Pictures has refused to do any kind of posthumous award for his contributions to movies - no reason given. Schmucks.

    Love your picture - did he ever take a bad one? Even when he was older and looked terrible, it was still The Flynn.

  11. #2 is Clark Gable. Not a good choice, I think. Gable is wonderful, but he's always Gable. Olivier was perfect. I wonder why Vivien Leigh turned down Garson's part? She always semed to want to do movies with Olivier..

  12. Becks, no apologies necessary! Always good to see you whenever you show up, LOL!

    You got the first half of #4 correct, Flynn is buried in Forest Lawn, and that was indeed the doing of his third wife, Patrice Wymore. He never married Beverly Aadland, although they were supposedly engaged at the time of his death.

    Although his family (daughter Rory) is trying to move him to Hobart, Tasmania, this is not the place where Flynn himself said he wanted to be buried. On one of the websites about Rory's book (, she says that she wants to bury him in Hobart because "he is loved and honored" there.

    So I leave it to you to find out where Errol wanted to be laid to rest...

    Re #2, yep! Clark Gable is the answer! Good job!

    And I agree with you (and Grand Old Movies) that Olivier was a MUCH better choice!

    BTW, Vivien Leigh didn't turn down the part of Elizabeth Bennett...she wanted it badly, but was passed over for Greer Garson.

  13. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This? #2, and half of question #4. Good going everyone!

  14. #4 This is my thought (not confirmed anywhere I found) -- he loved the sea, so I would presume that he wanted to be buried at sea, or cremated and have his ashes spread on the sea.

  15. That's strange about Leigh. I could have sworn I read someplace that she turned it down. I should have known better!