Monday, August 15, 2011

Trivia Time Wannabe: Disaster Movie Edition!

While Paul and JoAnn take care of family business, I thought I'd post a trivia quiz in their honor. It won't be as good--nor as challenging, of course. But it may be enough to satiate the Cafe's trivia fans until the real quiz masters are back.

1. What classic film actress played herself in a 1970s disaster movie? Name to the film, too!

2. This Hammer film star played a character who died performing a heroic act in another 1970s disaster flick. Name the performer and the movie?

3. What's the connection between these three films:  Earthquake, Rollercoaster, and Midway.

4. What former football player was a security guard in a disaster film? Yes, you gotta name the film, too.

5. Airplane! has a funny a scene where a flight attendant borrows a guitar from a nun and sings to an ill little girl. Name the movie where a similar scene actually occurred, who played the nun, and who played the little girl. As a bonus, name the signature pop song that the "nun" turned into a culural anthem.

6. What two Oscar-winning songs were from disaster movies of the 1970s? Names the films and who sang the songs on the soundtracks.

7. Which song in #6 became a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart? Who lip-sync'ed the song in the movie?

8. This disaster film featured pilots who starred in different TV series executive produced by the same person. Name the film, the actors, the TV series, and the executive producer of those TV series?

9. This British actor starred in two disaster films. One generated a lot of buzz, but was a boxoffice bust. The other was a sequel to a much more successful film. Name the actor and both movies.

10. What 1976 film about a nuclear-powered vehicle named Cyclops spoofed the disaster film genre?


  1. 3. They were all in Sensurround. I remember it well. It game me a headache.

  2. Yes, Anonymous, you are correct on #3. Agree about the headaches!

  3. 4. OJ Simpson in The Towering Inferno
    6. The Morning After (Poseidon Adventure) and We May Never Love Like This Again(Towering Inferno). Both sung by Maureen McGovern.
    7. The Morning After. Carol Lynley.

  4. Hey, I think this is a good Trivia Time!

    #1 Gloria Swanson, Aiport....'77? The underwater one?

    #5 Darn it, again '75 or '77. I can't really say for sure. I'll say '75. Helen Reddy was the nun and Linda Blair the little girl. (Wasn't she so sick she started throwing up pea soup?) Reddy's signature song was "I Woman, Hear Me Roar." Doesn't really fit with a nun, does it? That scene in Airplane was hysterical! I loved that, and the way the heart on the doctor's desk kept jumping around! LOL!

    That's all I've got now. Love those disaster movies!

  5. haha. "Give me Ham on five, hold the Mayo". lol

  6. Tom, you are correct on 4, 6, and 7!

    Becky, you're half right on 1 (still need the right movie) and are correct on 5. Yes, the song was "I Am Woman."

    Remaining to answered are: 2, 8, 9, and 10. Also, need the disaster movie in #1 where Gloria Swanson played Gloria Swanson.

  7. #1 is Gloria Swanson in Airport 1975. And don't call me Shirley....

  8. #2, I think, is Christopher Lee in an AIRPORT sequel. '77.

    And I'm guessing #9 is Michael Caine, in the unsuccessful THE SWARM (with your delightful, secondary "buzz" clue) and the POSEIDON sequel.

  9. How could I have missed Michael Caine in Swarm. I JUST did an article on "bee movies"!

  10. Sark, you were correct on both 2 and 9; very impressive! Chris Lee died while assisting Jack Lemmon with launching a lifeboat with a distress transmitter in AIRPORT '77. Caine was in THE SWARM and BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE.

  11. The only questions remaining to be answered at #8 and #10.

  12. #8. AIRPORT 1975 with Roy Thinnes of THE INVADERS, executive produced by QM, who also exec produced THE F.B.I. with another AIRPORT 1975 star, Stephanie Zimbalist's dad.

  13. Wow, I wasn't sure anyone would get #8, Sark, but you are correct! Roy Thinnes didn't last long in AIRPORT 1975--when Dana Andrews plane crashed into the 747's cockpit, Roy's co-pilot was a goner.

  14. Oops, I forgot to mention that only #10 remains unanswered.

  15. 1. Was it Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure?

    2. Robert Stack? not sure
    3. irwin?
    4. I only know it in Spanish, Aterriza como puedas. the funny version.(?)
    5. O.J. Sympson. Tower's Inferno?

    6. ....

    7. ...

    8. ...ops

    9. Roddy McDowall?

    10.When worlds collide?

  16. love this stuff! Will gush once again - this site/blog is awesome! Kudos to all who put so much into these trivia games!

    Now, the only answers I know, have all already answered correctly. Seems no one has yet answered #10 correctly. I'm afarid I can't even venture an educated guess!

    PS - even after cheating and Googling it, I am not sure of the answer b/c I've never heard of the film! If the one I saw is correct, here's a CLUE - talented cast!!

    I'm hopeless! :-/

  17. For #10--was it the movie "The Big Bus"

  18. Yes, Anonymous, you got the last question. Congrats! THE BIG BUS is not very well known, though it has a small cult following.