Monday, August 22, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 92


Thanks very much to Rick for stepping in to cover for us last week! You did a great job!! Last week we were still dealing with the post-moving-to-Idaho havoc, but now we have our Internet up and running and are ready to post TT92.

First, here are the answers to the unanswered or partially answered questions from TT91:

Who Said This in Which Film? "They didn't shoot a real horse, just a costume with two waiters in it." Who Said This in Which Film?

Answer: Robert Preston in Victor, Victoria.

4. Where is Errol Flynn buried? And where did he actually WANT to be buried?

Answer: Becks correctly answered the first part of this question (Forest Lawn Cemetary, Glendale, CA). The answer to the second part is Jamaica. Beverly Aadland, Flynn's final female companion and his fiancee at the time of his death (therefore the person who was in the best position to know), stated that he wanted to be married in Jamaica, and that he also wanted to be buried there.

And here starts TT92:

Who Said This in Which Film? "When men get around me, they get allergic to wedding rings." Who Said This in Which Film?

1. Name the film in which Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Danny Kaye, and Sydney Greenstreet all appeared.

2. Besides Paul Newman, what do the films Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have in common? Hint: there should be AT LEAST three things!

3. Raoul Walsh directed this remake of a 1930s Warner Brothers film directed by Archie Mayo. Name both films and the stars.

4. Which tune does Cary Grant whistle "in the shower" in North by Northwest?

5. What do Malcolm MacDowell and Bette Davis have in common?

6. This producer first coined the term "cameo" for his Oscar-winning film. By the way, there were 50 cameos in this film; name the film and the producer.

7. Which Errol Flynn movie has never been seen in this country and why?

8. In which movie does Cary Grant mention his real name AND the name of one of his co-stars?


  1. Hi guys! Great to see you back...Rick did a great job, but not a Flynn picture to be seen! LOL! However, you brought me out of Flynn withdrawal with the one you posted today -- what a simply gorgeous, stunning - suit of armor!

    OK, Who Said This In Which Film? Was it Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce?

    #1 is It's A Wonderful Feeling, with Doris Day. I loved that her unseen, supposedly dorky small-town boyfriend, named Jeffrey Bushwinkle, turns out to be Errol Flynn! ROTF!

    #7 I don't know for sure, but my guess is Cuban Rebel Girls, 1959, pro-Castro -- at least at that time, in this country there could not have been a lot of love for a pro-communist movie.

  2. Hi Becks! JoAnn is SO glad that she was able to alleviate your Flynn withdrawal!

    As to Who Said This, yep! You are correct! You are also right on the money re #1.... It's a Wonderful Feeling is the answer! Great job!

    However, Cuban Rebel Girls was definitely seen in this country. There is a 1960 NY Times review of it (they hated it) when it was showing in the Globe Theater. So please keep on thinking about #7!

  3. #6 - "cameo" -my guess is Mike Todd's production of "Around the World in 80 Days," which had cameos from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ronald Colman, Marlene Dietrich, Buster Keaton - can't remember all the rest (I'm glad you're not asking for all the cameos!).

  4. We have a winner!! GOM, you are correct about #6!

  5. #8 His Girl Friday?

  6. Angelnumber25, you are right on #8, good work!!

  7. Recap: still need to answer #s 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.

  8. 7. Neither KING'S RHAPSODY nor IN THE WAKE OF THE BOUNTY were released on the U.S. Why? Maybe because they weren't very good?

  9. I don't think I could take that from anybody but another Flynn lover like you, Rick. I bet they weren't very good at all. But only WE can say that!

  10. 5. Malcolm and Bette both appeared in films directed by LindsAy Anderson. Malcolm starred in several, much notably O LUCKY MAN!, while Bette was in THE WHALES OF AUGUST. In addition, Alan Price scored both the movies.

  11. Now, now, Rick and Becks, let's not get into it about Flynn, LOL!

    Rick, very got #7 and (most of) #5! Believe it or not there's at least one more thing that Bette and Malcolm have in common. BTW, I would have been very disappointed in you if you hadn't gotten at least part of that question!

    With regards to #7, I was looking for King's Rhapsody and hadn't really thought about In the Wake of the Bounty. I will accept your answer for "why?" as the film not being any good, although our thoughts were (1) Errol Flynn was somewhat out of favor with the American public in the mid-50s, being widely regarded as an aging alcoholic and someone you shouldn't leave alone with a teenage girl, and (2) the story behind the King's Rhapsody was intertwined with the story of Ivor Novello as far as audiences in the UK were concerned.

    Novello was a British song writer/composer who wrote over 250 songs and 8 plays; he was relatively unknown in this country. He wrote the play, "The King's Rhapsody", and had just appeared in it a few hours prior to dying unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1951. He meant a great deal to audiences in England but not in America.

  12. Never fear, Paul...As fellow Flynn fans, Rick and I are much too classy to "get into it" with anyone about Flynn. (I speak for Rick completely without his permission.) However, let's not put it to the test, shall we? Muwahaha...

  13. Recap: still need to answer #s 2, 3, 4, and part of 5.

  14. #4: Singin' in the rain - NBNW just saw it yesterday, and Casablanca - what a treat!

  15. Taci/Anonymous, you got it! #4 is indeed "Singing in the Rain"!