Monday, August 29, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 93

You guys did great answering TT92 last week! There were just a couple of unanswered or partially answered questions:

2. Besides Paul Newman, what do the films Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have in common? Hint: there should be AT LEAST three things!

Answers: Strother Martin, Conrad Hall (cinematography), and at least one Oscar win.

3. Raoul Walsh directed this remake of a 1930s Warner Brothers film directed by Archie Mayo. Name both films and the stars.

Answers: They Drive by Night (George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, Alan Hale) was a remake of Bordertown (Paul Muni, Bette Davis, Eugene Pallette. Margaret Lindsay).

5. What do Malcolm MacDowell and Bette Davis have in common?

Answer: Rick got two of the three; the third thing they shared was being nominated (at least once) for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actor/Actress but never winning. Bette finally won the Golden Globe "Cecil B. DeMille" Award in 1974.

And here is TT93....have fun!

Who Said This in Which Film? "I drink better than I dance." Who Said This in Which Film?

Who Am I? Over the course of my very long career, I appeared in over 300 films and television episodes. I worked with practically everyone in Hollywood and in everything from It's a Wonderful Life to I Want to Live to The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I even appeared in both versions of Kid Galahad (1937 and 1962). Who Am I?

1. Name the two "cult sci-fi" films featuring George Peppard.

2. Name both the film and the director of the film featuring a music video by the Pez People.

3. This late-'80s film spawned two sequels, a TV series, and a TV movie. Name the film and the star who appeared in all versions.

4. There are two Errol Flynn films that are considered to be "lost". Name the films.

5. John Russell and Ed Asner played basically the same part in two different films by the same director. Name the films, the director and the stars.

6. Elvis Presley wanted his favorite director to direct him in Kid Galahad, which didn't happen. Who was Presley's choice for director?

7. This Paul Newman film led to two sequels (neither of which featured Paul). Name the film and both sequels.

8. Who appeared in all three films in the previous question?


  1. Who said? Dean Martin in Kiss Me Stupid
    Who Am I? Charles Lane
    3. The Gambler with Kenny Rogers.
    4. Michael Curtiz.

  2. Hey Tom, you got #6...Michael Curtiz was Elvis' favorite director!

    Sorry, Dean Martin is not Who Said This?.

    Charles Lane did indeed have hundreds of credits and did appear in It's a Wonderful Life but not in any of the other movies listed in the question.

    The Gambler with Kenny Rogers was not what I was looking for.

    Please keep thinking!

  3. 7. There were at least three sequels to BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. There was the theatrical BUTCH AND SUNDANCE: THE EARLY DAYS and ABC TV-movies MRS. SUNDANCE (with Liz Montgomery) and WANTED: THE SUNDANCE WOMAN (with Katherine Ross reprising her role).

  4. Good try, Rick, but ...... WRONG!

    We're actually looking for three theatrical movies, not TV movies. And remember, the answer has to fit in with question #8, which asks for one (or more) person(s) who appeared in all three films.

    Maybe we should have made questions 7 and 8 into one question so that this was more obvious....?

    Nah! LOL!

  5. But you must admit that my answer was correct for #7--though perhaps not the answer you were looking for!

  6. For #1 - Damnation Alley has to be one, but I don't know the other!

  7. Rick, if question #8 wasn't there, your answer for #7 would be correct. Unfortunately it's not...get over it and move on, LOL!

    Big hint, Rick, one of the films in question shares two things in common with one of the films in your answer.

    DKoren, yes, you got half of #1 correct! Very good! I have one word to say to you as a hint regarding the other film: nitrates!

  8. Boy, Paul and JoAnn, am I behind!! I've been not so well, so that's my excuse - but it's real! I believe #4 are William Tell and Murder at Monte Carlo. I really wish I could see William Tell. I'm not sure that was even completed though, if I remember correctly.

    Doesn't Errol look simply mahvelous, dahling, in that dashing, British-look pose!

  9. Becks, we wondered where you were? We understand about being "under the weather"....hope you feel better soon! Did the photo of Errol help?

    You're right about Murder in Monte Carlo... that's one of the missing movies. Unfortunately, since William Tell was never completed it doesn't really fit in the "lost" category.

    But you're on the right track....don't give up! You're ahead of Rick on the Errol Flynn question this week, LOL!

  10. #5 - Two Howard Hawks films Rio Bravo (with John Wayne and Dean Martin, Rick Nelson and Walter Brennan) and EL Dorado (with Wayne and Robert Mitchum James Caan and Arthur Hunnicut.

  11. Picky, Picky! Jeeminey, you guys are being tough on your poor TT fans! First Rick, now me! After all, you didn't SAY they had to be complete movies! (See -- we can pick back!!)

    OK, I'll have to figure this one out. And yes, Errol ALWAYS helps! LOL!

  12. Beelzabub, you are CORRECT! Good job!

    Becks, nah neh nah neh NAAH nah....LOL!

  13. Paul, I Adore You. No, don't get a swelled head -- that's the name of a lost movie with Errol Flynn. He is uncredited, but he is IN it, and it is LOST. So don't try to give me any ..... trouble...

  14. As Elvis said in King Creole, "If you're lookin' for trouble, you came to the right place!"

    OK Becks, I'll give it to you on a technicality, since Errol was in an UNCREDITED bit part in I Adore You and it IS lost..... but I'm still looking for another lost film that starred Flynn!

  15. Oh Paul, not tonight -- I have a headache. Wait a minute, that's JoAnn's line, isn't it? LOL! In other words, to borrow a famous line, "I can't think about that now, I'll think about it tomorrow -- after all, tomorrow is another day!"

  16. My comment is an official "no comment"... JoAnn's response is "You're too much, Becks!"

  17. JoAnn, I'm too much of what? Wait, don't tell me-it may not be nice. Paul took the easy way out, no comment. What a politician!

    #2 is The Big Picture, 1989, directed by a huge favorite of mine, Christopher Guest. Written by him and Michael McKean. I LOVE these guys. I never heard of this movie, and I thought I may have seen ALL of their others. Best In Show perhaps their best, Waiting for Guffman, Spinal Tap - well, I guess you can tell I love their bizarre and hilarious weird selves! The Pez People -- all I can think of when I heard that is a bunch of people lined up with their heads thrown back and mouths as wide open as possible!

    Obviously I'm giving Errol a rest...just can't figure out the second lost movie, so I'll wait and see if it comes to me before anybody else gets it!

  18. Oh Becks, of COURSE it's nice! You're just too much of a comedienne! We love ya!

    As to #2, YEP, you got it, girl!! Way to go!

    Paul says Marty Short steals that's one of his favorite Kevin Bacon films.

  19. P.S. Too much in a GOOD way......we love your sense of humor!! :)

  20. I know -- I'm a stitch (in the side...LOL!) I'm glad I got #2. I can now relax about not knowing the 2nd Flynn lost film, according to Paul anyway.... Kevin Bacon - yet another 6th degree of separation!