Friday, October 21, 2011

Ode to the Movie Mutant Monsters

So very many mutants,
oh how is one to choose?
Tarantula or Swamp Thing
or even Killer Shrews?
It's Alive's scary baby
really knew how to creep.
If the sea is your thing,
try Humanoids from the Deep.
Gamma People on the earth,
Mole People down below.
And in the air Ghidrah flew
despite Godzilla's blow.
So how to choose a mutant?
Remember to use care.
Don't feed the plant in Little Shop,
Shoo The Fly off your chair!


  1. Very nice! Children should be taught to memorize your verse.

  2. Toto, I absolutely adore your clever tribute to the mutant monsters of the movies! I want to commend you, too, for your excellent choice in mutant monsters. I have seen all of the movies that you referenced!

  3. A neat way to memorize mutant monster movies by putting them in rhyme!

  4. Toto, your poem saluting movie monsters was a fun, affectionate read! I was particularly tickled to see THE GAMMA PEOPLE mentioned, because my husband Vinnie and I watched and enjoyed that endearingly daft little epic this morning (hooray for TiVo!)! :-)

  5. OK! Seriously? You guys are poets too?? This site just gets better each time I visit!

    Toto - Awesome tribute. I've nothing more to say!


    Oh, except, Godzilla has my heart in case anyone's interested.

  6. Hysterical! : )

    A perfect addition to Halloween month

  7. Very clever poem, very clever indeed! I loved the monsters you picked, especially The Fly and the Mole People! You are really good at this. I would like to see an encore!

  8. Dearest Everyone,
    I truly thank you for your kind comments. They have proven to be very uplifting during a hard time in my life. You all truly made me smile!
    I am writing from my sister's computer, but I am toto2.

  9. Toto, Love this Monster Poem.. I agree, perfect timing for Halloween.