Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trivia Time 98

Great job last week people! Hope you enjoyed TT97 as much as we did! Here are the answers:

1. Who Said This in Which Film? Person #1: "I trust I make myself obscure." Person #2: "Perfectly."

Answer: (NOTE: Classic Becky got 3/4 of this one!) Person #1 is Paul Scofield as Thomas More and Person #2 is Nigel Davenport playing the Duke of Norfolk in A Man for All Seasons.

2. Who Said This? Person #1: "Mike, you ride a bike!" Person #2: "And fish swim."
Answer: Person #1 is Julie Newmar and Person #2 is Mike Nesmith in an episode of The Monkees.

3. Who Are We and Which Film is This? We four appeared together in this late '70s movie; it was the final film for two of us who were legends of the silver screen from the '30s, as well as for one who was a famous rock star of the '60s and '70s. But it was the very first theatrically-released film for the fourth person who also happened to be a rock star. Name us and our film.

Answers: Mae West, Walter Pidgeon, Keith Moon, and Alice Cooper in the 1978 film, Sextette.

4. What two things do the films, A Man for All Seasons and Julia, have in common?

Answer: (NOTE: Grand Old Movies answered half of this question!) Vanessa Redgrave and Fred Zinnemann.

6. What do Rocky and His Friends and the George Pal film, The War of the Worlds, have in common?

Answer: Paul Frees

9. In which Robert Mitchum film does Angie Dickinson have an uncredited role?

Answer: Man with the Gun

Trivia Time 98 starts here:

1. Who Said This to Whom in Which Film? "Close the door! What, were you born in a barn?"

2. Who Said This? "Come back! I want to go to Boom-Boom Land!"

3. Name a future actress who was a dancer on the TAMI Show.

4. Who Am I? In my comparatively brief career, half of my movies fell into the film-noir crime/mystery category. My first, second, and final films were Oscar winners. My second and final films were both directed by the same person, and won multiple Academy Awards.

5. Name the three Oscar-winning movies mentioned in the previous question, and the person who directed two of them.

6. Name the college for which Bullwinkle played football in Rocky and His Friends.

7. What do the films, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Son of Paleface, have in common?

8. In the movie Mister Mom, what was on the TV screen when Michael Keaton put his foot through it?

9. Again in Mister Mom, how did the family refer to the vacuum cleaner?

10. What do the films Slap Shot and 10 have in common?

11. Who played the Mexican hotel bartender in 10?

12. Which two recording artists are featured in Sunday in New York?


  1. #9.The kids feared the vacuum cleaner and named it Jaws.

    We call ours.. Darth Vader.

  2. #7) Trigger was in both films.
    #8) A commercial for Schooner Tuna

  3. Kim, Your right.

    Dawn your correct. DARTH VADER, talk abut the Dark Side of housework.

    Gilby your right on #7 but wrong on #8. Big hint, he put his foot in to the TV before the Schooner Tuna spot was filmed

  4. #8) Young and the Restless? -- I know he watched that all the time.

  5. No Gilby , thats not it . He did watch YAR all the time but that's not it. I admit finding the right answer could be a huge drag.

  6. #4) Cathy O'Donnell

    #5)Wonder Man. The Best Years of Our Lives, and Ben-Hur. The last two were directed by her brother in law William Wyler.

  7. Gilby, Wow good work both of those were Joann's"trick"questions, we're impressed.

  8. 3. Teri Garr.

    12. Peter Nero would be one.

    Also, there was a Boom-Boom Land episode of CAR 54. Just throwing that out there!

  9. P.S., Paul and Joann, I unexpectedly had to post Tuesday's interview a few hours early. I apologize for shifting Trivia Time down the page.

  10. Rick your right on # 3 and half right on # 12. There is a episode #17 in fact of Car 54 called Boom Boom Boom, so I'll give you half credit. As For 'Bumping us down " for Robin's interview I'm a huge Poldark fan so no worries.

  11. This one was hard! The only ones I knew were answered before I got here. Naturally I couldn't answer any Car 54 questions! However, your picture of beautiful Robin Hood was worth feeling stupid for....I didn't know Trigger was in Robin Hood! Was he a featured horse (like Maid Marian's or Robin's, or was he just a horse extra? LOL!

  12. Becks, he was Marian's horse.but his name was not yet trigger.

  13. #1 No idea, but this quote would pass beautifuly in Monty Python's Life of Brian.

  14. Taci welcome . Close but no Cigar. BTW for those new to TT some times (more often than not) answers to questions could be in other questions.

  15. Checked in to save the day at this late hour. have seen every single film noted this week. remember none of the answers! My streak remains strong!!

    Love you fabulous group of clever people!