Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trivia Time 97

Great job last week, everyone! Thanks to all who participated! The only questions you didn't answer correctly involved the following (rather obscure) facts from Rocky and His Friends:

5. Where was Rocket (Rocky) J. Squirrel born? At what age did he learn to

Answer: Here is a quote from the booklet (preface by Tiffany Ward, Jay's daughter) that accompanies Rocky and His Friends, Complete Season One on DVD, "One of the best kept secrets in show business is that Rocky was not born in Frostbite Falls at all. Actually, the jet-age squirrel first saw the light of day in Winnemucca, Nevada…" This same publication says that he was nine years old when he was caught up in a "Nevada zephyr". Thus he learned to fly and ended up in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.

6. According to the World Economic Council (1959) what is the real basis for the global monetary system?

Answer: (from the same booklet as the previous question) Cereal boxtops.

9. What was Captain Peter Peachfuzz's nickname?

Answer: "Wrong-Way"

So here begins Trivia Time 97. Some of the questions in TT97 are fairly easy, and others, well…we have to admit that there might be one or two real "brain-busters" in this batch.

You may notice that we have now numbered ALL questions, whether they are Who, What or Where questions or not. Hopefully this will help prevent confusion in the future.

1. Who Said This in Which Film? Person #1: "I trust I make myself obscure." Person #2: "Perfectly."

2. Who Said This? Person #1: "Mike, you ride a bike!" Person #2: "And fish swim."

3. Who Are We and Which Film is This? We four appeared together in this late '70s movie; it was the final film for two of us who were legends of the silver screen from the '30s, as well as for one who was a famous rock star of the '60s and '70s. But it was the very first theatrically-released film for the fourth person who also happened to be a rock star. Name us and our film.

4. What two things do the films, A Man for All Seasons and Julia, have in common?

5. What do the films, Help! and A Man for All Seasons, have in common?

6. What do Rocky and His Friends and the George Pal film, The War of the Worlds, have in common?

7. In how many films did Walter Pidgeon play Greer Garson's husband? Name them.

8. What did Louis B. Mayer and Walter Pidgeon have in common?

9. In which Robert Mitchum film does Angie Dickinson have an uncredited role?

10. Which of the above questions has an answer with an Errol Flynn connection? Explain.

11. Name the barbershop quartette from the 53rd Precinct in the TV series, Car 54, Where Are You?.


  1. 5. Leo McKern
    8. from New Brunswick

    7. H'mm,
    Mrs. Miniver, The Miniver Story, Scandal at Scourie, Mrs. Parkington, The Marie Curie picture - that makes 5.

  2. Caftan Woman, greetings! You are correct on #5!

    As to #8, I'll give that to you as well, although Mayer wasn't actually from New Brunswick (born in Russia), he did grow up there. In fact, Pidgeon and Mayer both grew up in the same town, St John.

    When they first met, and Pidgeon told L.B. he was from St John, New Brunswick, Mayer became angry and asked him, "Who told you to say that!!"

    It took Pidgeon quite a while to convince him (by answering trivia questions about St John) that he actually was born and raised in St John!

    Regarding the Walter Pidgeon/Greer Garson question, you are correct on the five that you listed, but you're missing at least 3 that we know of! Good try, please keep thinking!!

  3. #7. Blossoms in the Dust (1941), Mrs. Miniver (1942), Madame Curie (1943), Mrs. Parkington (1944), Julia Misbehaves (1948) and The Miniver Story (1950).

  4. Dawn, Caftan Woman already made a stab at #7.....she listed one that you didn't, while you listed 2 that she missed. However, there is still at least ONE more! Great try, but you need to ponder this question for a bit longer!

  5. Aha! #10 is the missing #7 movie, "That Forsyte Woman". How could I forget that Irene marries Soames and Jo?

    #11: The Whippoorwills

  6. CW, just goes to prove that lovers of Car 54 have both intelligence and taste!! You are absolutely right about all 3 questions!

  7. Recap: still need to answer #s 1-4, 6, and 9.

  8. I have 1/2 to #4 - Vanessa Redgrave - she's the title character of Julia, and she appears in an unbilled cameo as Anne Boleyn in A Man For All Seasons.

  9. Grand old Movies , your half right. keep thinking you should get the other half.

  10. (Hey! I saw that remark about people who like Car 54 having intelligence and taste. Does that mean people who DON'T like it are of lesser intelligence and taste? Dream on!!!

    #1 is Paul Scofield from "A Man for All Seasons". AND, I knew that before I noticed the picture or the other questions about it -- pinky swear! NOW let's talk about intelligence and taste...LOL!

    Love the older Errol in that wonderful white suit. Great pic!

  11. Becks, you said it , and since you only got half of # 1 correct I stand by my comment. LOL. As for taste and intelligence, how about trying the second half of# 4 . I'm sure that you can figure it out..... of course I could be wrong.

  12. OK, smartypants, so I missed 1/2 of it. Well, he said it to his friend, the Duke of Norfolk, but I can't remember the actor's name, so at least I got 3/4 of it. Now there's 1/4 left. LOL!

  13. Becks, you could not look it up on IMDb? Well I'll give you 3/4 credit.