Monday, October 17, 2011

Trivia Time 99

Wow, can you believe this is actually TT99?

Thanks for participating last week, people! Here are the leftover questions (and answers) from TT98:

1. Who Said This to Whom in Which Film? "Close the door! What, were you born in a barn?"

Answer: Bob Hope said it to Trigger in Son of Paleface.

2. Who Said This? "Come back! I want to go to Boom-Boom Land!"

Answer: Jan Murray in Episode 17 of Car 54, Where Are You? (Rick got part of this one).

8. In the movie Mister Mom, what was on the TV screen when Michael Keaton put his foot through it?

Answer: A scene in which Cary Grant was in drag (in I Was a Male War Bride).

10. What do the films Slap Shot and 10 have in common?

Answer: Melinda Dillon

11. Who played the Mexican hotel bartender in 10?

Answer: Brian Dennehy

12. Which two recording artists are featured in Sunday in New York?

Answer: Rick got Peter Nero, the other one was Mel Torme.

Just for Becks, here is a totally extraneous Flynn pic, with Olivia and Trigger, from The Adventures of Robin Hood:

This week (TT99) will be short and sweet; I'm gearing up for next week's installment (TT100). You have been warned!

1. Who said this in which film? "Refund!?!? Refund!?!?"

2. What do the films North By Northwest and Gidget Goes to Rome have in common?

3. In which film does Greg Morris play a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer? Name the three leading stars.

4. What do Lee Marvin and Count Basie have in common?

5. What do Cary Grant, John Ridgely, and Arthur Kennedy have in common?

6. In the film A Woman's Secret, where does Gloria Grahame say she's from?


  1. You scare me -- TT100 is your chance to make us all shake in our boots!

    #3 I think is The Lively Set, with James Darren, Pamela Tiffin and Doug McClure.

    I should know #6, but I can't bring it to mind.

    Ah, Robin Hood -- not many guys could look so good in that hat!

  2. Becks Be very very scared. Your right on # 3. I'll give you a HUGE Hint on #6. The answer is in a Jan & Dean song,and thats all you get. Maybe the subject of Dorian's last two excellent posts are affecting you. LOL,

  3. First, Paul 2, many thanks for your nice shoutout for my Amnesia Trilogy series over at Tales of the Easily Distracted! (For those who are interested, feel free to click the TotED link on the blogger roster on the right side of the screen! :-)) Second, I'm glad to finally have an opportunity to play Trivia Time 99 with you all! Here are my answers:

    1.) Paul Dooley in BREAKING AWAY.
    2.) Jessie Royce Landis
    4.) Lee Marvin starred in the TV series M-SQUAD, and Count Basie performed/composed the theme song.
    5.) Cary Grant, John Ridgely, and Arthur Kennedy were all in DESTINATION TOKYO.
    6.) Asuza, California

  4. Dawn, your correct.

    Dorian, You Rock, Becks and Dawn did beat you to the punch on#2&#3 your right on all the rest. BTW I would have taken that they all worked with Delmer Davis, Arthur also in A Summer Place I had Richard Eagan in the first draft of the question , but with Rick being such a Davis Soap Opera freak I had to remove him.

  5. Dorian, BTW I did live in Azusa Ca for a few years.