Monday, October 24, 2011

Trivia Time 100

We're getting our gratuitous Errol Flynn pic out of the way early this time....Becks, I hope you've got your Internet up!

Wow!! Can this really be the 100th installment of Trivia Time?

I will get to the questions in a moment, but first I have to thank a few people…. especially Rick, since he gave me a place to play my "twisted little mind games". And then my graphic designer and co-conspirator for the past year, my wife JoAnn.

Of course much gratitude is owed to all you loyal players, old timers and newbies alike: Classic Becky, Dawn, Gilby, Kim, Tom, Caftan Woman, Sazball, angel25, beelzebub, Aurora, Dorian and the very first person ever to get all of a TT right on the first try, The Lady Eve! If I didn't mention you by name but I should have, blame my incipient Alzheimer's, LOL!!

So here it is….TT100! Drumroll please! (don't worry, it's pretty easy)

1. Mike Post said that this singer, who later turned actor, had a real problem singing on key. Who is he talking about?

2. In the late '70's this composer scored a scene that many (myself included) consider to be one of the greatest "G-rated" love scenes ever filmed. Name the composer, the film, and the director.

3. Regarding #2, did the composer work with that director before the film in question? If so, name the previous film.

4. What do Bogart, Robert Mitchum, and James Garner have in common?

5. Name at least three writers for the Smothers Brother's show who went on to "bigger and better things".

6. Name two Jerry Lewis films featuring music by Count Basie.

7. Who did a commercial for "Shower In A Briefcase"?

8. In The "Gunslinger" episode of The Dick Van Dyke show (final episode), name the song that Laura sang.

9. Which classic horror film gave birth to a tune that became a jazz standard? Name the film, the stars, and the song.

10. Beginning in December 1942, Judith Anderson and Ruth Gordon appeared together in a Broadway show. They starred with Katharine Cornell in the Chekov play, The Three Sisters. Can you name a film featuring both Judith Anderson and Ruth Gordon?

11. Name the stars and the director of the film in #10.


  1. Number four is chin dimples, I think :-D!


  2. Bette, good guess, but that's not it.

  3. Re: #9 - I just wrote a piece on Victor Young's "Stella by Starlight" from "The Uninvited" (1944) - a song that became a jazz standard...

    I didn't know I held a record here!?! (or maybe I forgot, we seem to have the same memory issues)

    More than anything, congrats on #100 Paul!

  4. Paul and JoAnn, your Trivia Time is just marvelous, and you have done a terrific job. You have become a real mainstay of the Cafe. Especially with Errol flynn pictures...LOL! LOVE the one you posted today!

    Did I read you right? You said this one is "easy"? That's funny, because I don't know a single one! However, my brain is whirling these days, as my present post describes. But I'll try to figure out at least one of your questions!

  5. For #9, I'm not sure if you're considering this classic (it was made in 1986) but the only one I can think of is "Blue Velvet."

  6. Eve, you don't remember your "I'll take a look at the cafe before watching "?Mad Men" blitz? I do, in fact I did a second TT that week because of it. Your right on #9. Thanks for the congrats.

    Becks, Joann will be pleased that you love the picture, and yes compared to past TT's his one is not that hard, just tricky LOL

  7. Backlots, good try , but The Lady Eve gave the right answer.

  8. Paul - Now that you mention it, I DO remember that pre-"Mad Men" blitz! That was fun, glad you didn't mind...

    I seem to know fragments of some of the above...but the one most familiar (other than #9) is #5, the writers who went on from the Smothers Bros., I think of Steve Martin (most famous), Bob Einstein (Albert Brooks's brother and last time I saw him, on "Curb Your Enthusiasm") and the guy who played Father Guido Sarducci on Sat. Night Live. Not sure if Albert Brooks ever wrote for the brothers, if not, he should have...

  9. Eve, good work, Albert did not write for Tommy and Dick. Bob Einstein was also "Officer Judy " on the show and later became "Super Dave Osborn". I also would have taken; Mason Williams, Rob Reiner, Carl Gottieb (screenplay for Jaws & Jaws 2) Lorenzo Music the voice of Garfield and Carlton Your Doorman on Rhoda, & Ron Clark who wrote (with Mel Books) the screenplays of Silent Movie and High Anxiety, Not a bad group and I left off half the staff. Tom and Dick sure could pick them pick them.

  10. Paul, congratulations to you and JoAnn on the 100th edition of Trivia Time! All told, I bet that's close to 1,000 questions--which is pretty incredible. Thanks for all your contributions to the Cafe.

  11. Paul, Congrats to you and JoAnn on the 100th Trivia Time post! They are alot of fun and you guys have done a fab job.

  12. Re #4: 4. Phillip Marlowe - all three - Bogart, Robert Mitchum, and James Garner played that character.