Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Cafe du Cinema Society: A Monthly Watch and Discuss Movie Club

For the past two years, my nephew and I (who live many miles apart) have selected a TCM movie each month to discuss via e-mail. We've discussed the good (Hobson's Choice), the bad (The Girl in Black Stockings), and the ugly (Thunderbirds Are Go!). It has been enriching, educational, and entertaining (e.g., The Girl in the Black Stockings has some of the best bad dialogue ever put on celluloid). We thought it might be fun to adapt this activity for the Cafe.

Here's how it would work:  We nominate some films on TCM each month and pick one. Then, we all watch it (allowing a few days for those of us who record our movies). The person who nominated the film leads off the discussion with a blog and we all add our views in the comment blocks (making multiple comments, as required, to emphasize our clever points!). There are several good film possibilities for this month, to include Point Blank (Saturday, 12 Sept) and The Window (Monday, 21 Sept). I realize this is not a new concept; I even think someone suggested doing it on the TCM site.

But does it sound like something you'd be interested in?  (P.S. I'm open to a better club title...the Cafe du Cinema Society is a weak homage to the French film journal Cahiers du Cinema, which featured the writings of Truffaut and other future New Wave directors).


  1. I think the club sounds like an excellent idea. Two terrific choices for the first one. I'd vote for POINT BLANK if for no other reason than it's coming up sooner and we can begin a discussion more quickly. For those of you with Netflix, POINT BLANK is also available as a DVD rental and on Netflix streaming. Although I think the French New Wave guys are referenced too frequently, I must say that's a pretty damn cool name for a club.

  2. Rick, I would be up for this. And on sarkoffagus suggestion I was planning to record Point Blank also- I'm looking forward to watching it since I don't believe I've ever seen it before; only problem is I'm not sure when I'd get to watch it. If we made it 1 week after showing, that would work.


  3. Phil, I think one week after the broadcast date would be fine!

  4. OK I have not seen Point Blank in years.

  5. You can count me in too, Rick. I can't promise I'll be able to see every movie we pick, but I can definitely do this week's. This oughta be fun. :)