Sunday, September 27, 2009

Triva Time Part Four

It's time to bend some more minds this week. Here are the questions. Are you ready?
#1. Name the Rock Group that was on both The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Patty Duke Show. What was the group's name on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

#2. Henry Mancini did the theme songs for three shows in the 70s and two in the 80's . Name all the shows.

#3. Before Mike Post became a composer, he was in what famous Rock Group?

#4. What was the first show that Mike Post scored?

#5. What was the name of the orginal American Bandstand theme and who did it?  Hint: Not Barry M.

#6. Before Mike Post was a member of the rock group, he played guitar on what mid 60s classic hit?

#7.  Brain Buster, Part One. What former member of the rock group The Champs, famous for the hit song "Tequila," had a TV show? Who was the co-star and on what network?

#8. Brain Buster, Part Two. Two other former members had a big music career. Name them?


  1. For #1, I think it was Chad and Jeremy. For the other questions, my brain is blank.

  2. Paul, I truly enjoy your Trivia Time postings but regret to say I have never known a single answer yet. If I were in Oz I would just ask the Scarecrow. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making me smile, even if I can't play. :)

  3. Toto ,In The future I'll take them down a few notches, but these are some of the same questions my film buddies and I asked when we were "Throwing Down "each other back in the 70's. I guess we were more hard core then I thought, And This weeks are all " Brain Busters", but I'll tell you all my questions relate to each other so if you can get one or two, than it's not to hard to figure out the rest. Easy for me to say.