Thursday, September 10, 2009

September's Cafe du Cinema Selection: Point Blank (1967)

For those participating in our "watch and discuss" group, this is just a brief reminder that John Boorman's Point Blank will be shown Saturday, 12 September, 6:00 p.m. EDT, on TCM. It's 92 minutes of Lee Marvin at his intense best.  As Sark pointed out, Point Blank is also available for rental or instant viewing through Netflix. Please save your comments on this movie until everyone has had an opportunity to watch it (I know a few folks are recording it Saturday and watching it later in the week). I'll post a brief review on 19 September to kick-start our virtual discussion. That will mean its time to comment away on why you liked it, loathed it, felt indifferent, admired it, etc. I'm looking forward to some lively interactive discussion and hope all of you will join in!  (Note: Though TCM is showing Point Blank during the early evening hours, it is a violent film...check out the trailer links on the right if you're trying to decide whether to watch it.)

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