Monday, September 7, 2009

Underrated Performer of the Week: Vincent Price

I love having a spot on the Classic Film & TV Cafe for Underrated Performers! Having recently viewed Champagne for Caesar, I relished seeing Price shine as the scene-stealing Burnbridge Waters. He showed a wonderful comedic versatility. I have to admit to wanting to borrow the idea of "being on another plane" of existence during a tedious business meeting, too. Though he will probably be remembered most often for his horror films, Price was also quite effective as the undeserving namby-pamby fiance of Laura.


  1. Toto2, Champagne for Caesar is one of my all-time favorite comedies. Indeed, Price is hilarious as the owner of the Milady Soap Company ("the "soap that sanctifies"). Ronald Colman is his perfect match, too, as genius Beauregard Bottomley, a rejected job applicant who goes on Price's quiz show "Masquerade for Money."

  2. I really like him in His Kind Of Woman