Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trivia Time - Part One

So you think you know your stuff about classic film and TV? Well here's your chance to prove it. I'm starting a little post and will ask easy, not so easy, and Brain Buster questions and post the answers the following week. So are you feeling lucky? Here we go:

1. Who was the Monkees' opening act at their Hollywood Bowl Concert?

2. What was Robert Culp's first TV series? Bonus points for what network?

3. The English TV show Danger Man became what American TV Show?

4. Did Henry Fonda, and James Stewart do a TV series? If so What was the name of each? Name at least one of the costars. Bonus points for what network each was on.


  1. Well, Paul2, I guess it'd be cheating if I used any of my reference books or Googled! Some of these questions are really tough, but I think I know one or two.

    1. I'll guess the Partridge Family opened for the Monkees, but, really, I have no idea!

    2. I'll go with "I Spy," which was on NBC. But I wouldn't be surprised if Culp starred in an earlier show. By the way, he was in my favorite "Outer Limits" episode: "Demon With a Glass Hand."

    3. I know this one: the hour-long "Danger Man" episodes became "Secret Agent" in the U.S.

    4. I think Fonda's show was "The Smith Family" and he played a detective who coped with family situations, too. I'll guess the network was NBC (or maybe ABC). Stewart might have been in a sitcom called "The Jimmy Stewart Show." I'm not 100% sure. But I know he was in a 90-minute series called "Hawkins," in which he played a lawyer not unlike the one in "Anatomy of a Murder." This series was on once a month, rotating with "Shaft" and "The CBS Tuesday Night Movie." I think the pilot film was called "Hawkins on Murder."

  2. Rick your pretty good I'll give the answers next week. But I will the you #1 is wrong, #2 is a good guess but wrong .But your comment about Demon with a Glass hand was going to be ome of next weeks questions. Great minds Think alike.#3 is rightand Four is short of right. BTW do you know in what famous LA building Demon was shot?It'was also uesd in Blade Runner, and is a LA landmark.

  3. That'd be the Bradbury Building! The setting--and the hand, of course--are part of what makes "Demon With a Glass Hand" such a cool episode.

  4. That is correct Rick. Since we're talking about The Outer Limits I once sold it's productor Leslie Stevens A Car Stereo Upgrade for his BMW.He's a real nice guy and we played Trivia together So I'll give you a preview of next weeks questions They will all be about Mr .Stevens TV shows .