Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Week's Poll: Which Famous Dancer Would be Your Partner on "Dancing with the Stars"?

One of the few shows I watch on television is Dancing With the Stars. I guess it reminds me of the classic musicals that I enjoy watching. Sometimes, I wonder how much fun it would be to have the rare opportunity to pair up with a professional dancer in a ballroom-dance competition. I think my choice would be Ricardo Monalban because of his elegance, charm and grace on the dance floor.

Who would you choose to be your partner in the competition? Here are your choices:

1. Betty Grable - Dancer, singer, and actress. Her bathing suit photo made her the No. 1 pin-up girl of the World War II era.

2. Cyd Charisse - Her roles focused on her talents as a dancer, and she danced with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Ricardo Montalban.

3. Rita Hayworth - One of the American Film Institute's "Greatest Stars of All Time."

4. Gene Kelly - Actor, dancer, singer, director, producer, and choreographer.

5. Fred Astaire - Dancer, choreographer, singer and actor.

6.  Ricardo Montalban - Television, theater and film actor.

Hosts:  Gene Tierney and Vincent Price.
Costume Designer:  Edith Head.
Band:  Tommy Dorsey.
Judges:  Esther Williams, Jimmy Durante, and Peter Lawford.


  1. Dawn, what a fun idea for a poll! It gives a whole new meaning to the "stars" in DANCING WITH THE STARS. I noticed that two of the judges are male, so that narrows my choices to Cyd and Rita (my rationale being that the judges will watch them and not me!). I'm pretty klutzy, so I'll go with Cyd--I think she could make me look best. (I'm hoping that the next edition of this poll has Vera-Ellen as one of the pro dancers...)

  2. Fun idea! For me it's Fred Astaire, hands down :)

  3. No contest for me. It's definitely Fred Astaire who was once rated as "Can't sing. Can't act. Can dance a little."

  4. Well, Rita Hayworth, of course. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the dance, but I'd still like to partner with her because... well, she's Rita Hayworth. A most excellent poll, Dawn!

  5. Like sarkoffagus, I wouldn't be able to concentrate however Cyd Charisse would be my choice of distraction, admiration, fantasy, etc. etc. WOW!

  6. Ricardo for me. I can so see Peter Lawford as a judge! His gregarious personality suits it. He be the favorite judge out of the three.

  7. I love this poll, Dawn. For me it's definitely Fred. He could make Marie Dressler look graceful in a dance...he could surely make me look good!

  8. Rick, LOL..Vera-Ellen, as one of the pro dancers. You got it..

    Kate, Fred Astaire, is an awesome choice.One of my favorite Fred Astaire movies is, NOTORIOUS LANDLADY(1962).With Jack Lemmon and Kim Novak.(in a non dancing role).

    Toto, Fred Astaire and Ginger were amazing together.

    Sark, My favorite Rita Hayworth dance performance is with Anthony Quinn,in Blood and Sand(1941).

    Riffraf, Cyd Charisse is amazing. One of my favorite Cyd performances is in the movie ON AN Island With You(1948). With Ricardo Montalban.

    Shell, Awesome !! A vote for Ricardo. Peter Lawford, is sooo handsome. :D

    Becky,LOL..That is way I feel about Ricardo..So far LQQKS like Fred is in the lead. :)

  9. well, i'm going to cheat, and take a partner that you didn't include on your list. there's no one i would have preferred dancing with more than ginger rogers. so beautiful, so elegant, so graceful - i know it would be impossible to make me look good on the dance floor, but at least the spectators would have one dancer worth watching.

  10. Veejay, Ginger Rogers, is an awesome choice..:)