Monday, November 23, 2009

Trivia Time Part 12

This week, I've posted a question at The Corner of the Cafe about Mannix. The first person who answers the question wins a "Free Pass" for the month of December. Good luck. Here are this week's questions:

#1. What TV theme did Count Basie compose?

#2. Who was the star of the show he composed? On what network?

#3. What theme did Billy May & Al Hirt do?

#4. Brain Buster #1. Who wrote and had a 60's hit with The Gravy Waltz?

#5. Brain Buster #2. In the Cars classic video "You Might Think", a movie clip is shown. From what movie is the clip?

#6. Brain Buster #3. Who was the first to direct James Dean in a feature Film? Name the film. What year?

#7. Brain Buster #4 Who were the two main stars in the above film?

#8. Brain Buster #5. Name in order the two actors who played Richard Diamond Private Detective.

#9. Brain Buster #6. Who played Sam, his secretary who was only shown from the waist down to show her wonderful legs?

#10. Brain Buster #7. How many different composers did the theme for Diamond on radio and TV?


  1. I'm pretty sure #9 was Mary Tyler Moore. Did I get it?

  2. #8. Dick Powell played Diamond on radio and David Janssen on TV. One of the themes for the that series was composed by Pete Rugolo, who would go to do THE FUGITIVE theme (also with Janssen, of course). Becky beat me to the answer on #9!

  3. #1. I know this is not the answer :( but.. I do know... Frank Sinatra recorded for the first time with Basie on 1962's Sinatra-Basie.

    I'm still thinking.. :I

  4. #7 I do not remember the name of the movie. But I do remember James Dean, did an early film with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

  5. Ric and Becks you are right. Rick the theme was done 5 times , once for radio and 4 times for TV. Devol disd the first 2 seasons, then Peteas you said, and the last was done by Richartd Shores. Rick if you can tell ne what other theme Pete composed I'll give you a "2 week Pass "for December.

  6. Dawn, the Martin and Lewis film is not the one I'm looking for. I'll give you a huge clue,the film was released in 1951

  7. Paul, I have no idea..without looking it up.

  8. Dawn I'll give you a hint,watch Rick jump on this. The film featured a cafe underrated perfrormer. Dead give away now, LOL