Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trivia Time Part 12 : The Answers

Rick, Becky and Dawn, you guys did not to too bad this week. Here is what you missed:

#1. Count Basie composed the theme for the show M Squad on NBC.
#2. The star was Lee Marvin.
#3. Billy May & Al Hirt did the theme for The Green Hornet.
#4. Brain Buster #1.Steve Allen composed and had a hit with "Gravy Waltz."
#5. Brain Buster #2. The movie clip in "You Might Think", is from Robot Monster. (Gorilla suit with helmet.)
#6. Brain Buster #3. Sam Fuller directed James Dean in Fixed Bayonets for 20th Century-Fox in 1951.
#7. Brain Buster # 4 The Stars were Gene Evans &Richard Basehart . Rick, how could you miss this one?


  1. Paul, I figured it was BAYONETS or DECISION BEFORE DAWN, but wasn't sure which one!

  2. Oh Lord, the guy in the gorilla suit with the helmet -- dumbest movie monster, at least in the top five.

  3. Paul, I can not believe I missed #2. :)

  4. Dawn I thought you would be all over # 2. Oh Well.