Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trivia Time Part Eleven

This week I'm starting a semi-regular feature question: Who Am I?

As an actor, I've worked with among others: Steve McQueen, Rock Hudson, Whit Bissell, and James Brown. As a director, I worked with Matt Dillon. Who am I?

#1. Besides his own show, Ozzie Nelson directed episodes of what show?

#2. Who played lead guitar in Ricky Nelson's TV band?

#3. Name the shows Sharon Gless did with Robert Wagner?

#4. What show was Kent McCord on before Adam-12? What did he play?

#5. Brain Buster # 1. What do Ward Cleaver and Marcus Welby have in common ?

#6. Brain Buster #2. What do the TV shows Gidget, The Name of the Game, Dan August, and It Takes a Thief have in common?

#7. Brain Buster #3 What late 60's TV show theme did Elmer Bernstein compose?

#8.Brain Buster # 4. Who where the 2 male stars of the NBC show Hey Landlord?

#9. What was the first theme Hoyt Curtain composed for Hanna - Barbera?


  1. Hmm...I'll guess you're Garry Marshall, but am pretty sure I'm wrong unless you did bit parts in some 1960s films. For #6, is the connection that Dave Grusin did music for all four shows?

  2. No I'm Not Gary Marshall Rick. Keep trying. #6 is correct very good work.

  3. Dawn Switch is one, you need one more.

  4. #3) RJ guested on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill as Gless' old flame

  5. Gilby , You are correct. I wondered If anyone would remember that show. A little lost gem.

  6. I really liked The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, it got pulled way too soon. Luckily, Burn Notice is a great show and Sharon shines as Michael Westin's mom.

  7. By the way, are you Tony Bill? My Bodyguard with Matt Dillon and Christopher Makepeace & a host of other great stars(old and young) is still one of my favorite feel good movies and Tony Bill directed it.

  8. Great job, Gilby! By the way, I've always enjoyed MY BODYGUARD, too. You should write it up as one of our "Feel Good Movies."