Sunday, November 8, 2009

Triva Time Part Nine: The Answers

Looks like this week I stumped most of you. Rick and Gilby got half of the questions right. I think Rick misses his "Free Pass". You guys did OK. These were pretty hard questions. Becky, no booby prize for you this week, maybe this week. Here is what you missed.

#5. The song "School's Out" is from the show Richie Brockelman Private Eye. It was the first Rockford "spin off " series and was shown as a "summer replacement".

#6. The star was Dennis Dugan, He was also Captain Freedom on Hill Street Blues. He is now a director (Saving Silverman ).

#7.  Brain Buster #1. Mike revised Hunter 7 times .

#8.  Brain Buster #2.  Mike wrote "The Silver Fox" the theme for Phil Donahue.

#9.  Brain Buster #3 The show was F Troop on ABC.

#10. Brain Buster #4  Bob Steele was the actor. He played Trooper Duffy.


  1. I really knew all the answers, Paul, but I didn't want to appear too intelligent for fear of ruining the poll for others. Honest.

  2. OK Becks, whatever you say. LOL