Monday, November 9, 2009

Trivia Time Part Ten

Wow, the 10th edition of Trivia Time already.
Becky there is no Booby Prize this week. This week, there is no pattern to the questions, or are there?

#1. What kind of car did Roger Moore drive on the The Saint?
#2. What was the "reason " the productors of Cagney & Lacy give for "dumping" Maude Addams?
#3. What 60's rock group was on Batman? What happened to them on the show?
#4. Natalie Wood had a small non-credited non speaking cameo on what TV Show?
#5. In the 70's Natalie Wood did a commercial for what product?
#6. Brain Buster # 1. What future famous composer produced the first Chad & Jeremy LP?
#7. Brain Buster #2 Mike Post said he based this show's theme on Zippy Do Dah. What is the show?
#8. Brain Buster #3 Mike Conners was a big time jock at what school? What was his sport? What was his "nickname? BTW he used this name in a few early roles.
#9. Brain Buster # 4 Before he became an actor, Mark Harmon was also a big time jock at what school. What was his sport, and at what position?


  1. 1) volvo sports car

    8) basketball, UCLA, "Touch"

    9) football, quarterback, UCLA

    Those are the only ones I know.

  2. Sharilee I'll give you 3/4 credit on the car .Need the model. 8 and 9 are right,very good

  3. #3. Chad & Jeremy, Paul Revere & the Raiders, and--my fave--Lesley Gore all performed on "Batman." That's all for me this week. These were tough!

  4. OK Rick,, I'll give you Chad & Jeremy( I saw them in concert Sunday and got to meet them after the concert. But what happened to them on Batman?

  5. hey paul,
    this is the first time i've been here to take part in the trivia. wow, at least you threw in one softball question for bruin fans like myself. mark harmon - yeah, that was nice of you. now, the rest of the questions - well maybe i should quit while i'm ahead. i do have a question for you paul: what year, or years did john wayne play football at USC, and what position did he play?

  6. Hey Veejay. About time you got over here. Wayne played on Glendale High's championship team in 1924. and was at USC from 1925-1927 he hurt himself body surfing at what we locals call "The Wedge" (still one of the nasty body surfing places in the world) at Newport Beach, and lost his USC "free pass." I'm not sure about what position he played.

  7. Ok...I'm going to take a shot at this. Regarding #6 I think it was produced by George Martin. He produced most of the folks in Brian Epsteins NEMS stable.

  8. #4)Natalie Wood did a cameo on "Hart to Hart"

  9. The answer to # 6 is not my previous answer but John Barry

  10. #2)I thought it was Meg Foster that got got dumped from Cagney and Lacey in favor of Sharon Gless. CBS thought Meg Foster was too "butch."

  11. Austin your second answer is correct.BTW he was was the one who signed them to their first record deal. Gilby , Hart To Hart is not it. but your close, Remember she did not speak, or have any credit. And You got the "TRICK QUESTION and the right answer on #2 I wondered if anyone would catch it. Good work." To Butch "is too kind for what they really said which I will not repeat here.

  12. #4)If I'm close, then I've gotta go with another RJ Wagner show, "Switch" plus that show co-starred Sharon Gless who you also mentioned in #2.
    I'm still racking my brain about #5, I know she did print ads for Blackglama furs but I'm still thinking about the TV commercial.

  13. Gilby, Switch is correct, she was in a Hot Tub.