Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Name the Movie Game!

This week's game is courtesy of ShariLee--last week's winner:

It's game time! Time to rack those film fact-filled brains!

A brief reminder of the rules: (See Rick's earlier blog for the complete rules)

1) Each Café patron may then ask up to five “yes or no” questions about the film each day. And guessing the name of the movie, counts as one of the questions.

2) Number your questions when you ask them. For example: “1. Does this film take place in the 20th century?” That will make it easier for me to answer your questions.

3) The first player who guesses the film correctly wins the game and gets to pick the film for the next week. Since all comments have a date/time stamp, that will be used to determine the winner if two or more people guess the film correctly on the same day.

4) Remember the Game ends on Saturday night.

I will be able to answer all questions posted today from about 9PM until 11PM. Then tomorrow I will be online around noon and online off and on through out the day and night. Same for the remainder of the week.

Are You Ready?

I'm thinking of a movie that was made in the 1950s. Since tomorrow is Veteran's Day, the movie I am thinking of takes place during a War, that is the movie's setting is during a War but it may not necessarily be considered a War Genre Film.


  1. ShariLee, here are my first two questions (hey, I get five tonight!): Did the film, its cast, or crew win an Academy Award for this movie? Does the movie take place in the 1950s?

  2. Sharilee, first of all congrats on your win last week! Now, down to business.
    1. Is the movie set in either the U.S. or England?
    2. Is a death important to the plot?
    3. Does the movie take place in the 1940s?

  3. Here are your answers Toto:

    1) No
    2) No
    3) No

  4. Sharileee Is from Here to Eternity?

  5. Paul, nope it is not From Here to Eternity

  6. 3. Does it take place between 1850 and 1939?
    4. Does take place in Mexico, Central America, China, Russia, or Germany?

  7. Rick, here are you answers:

    3) yes
    4) No

  8. 5. Does it star Humphrey Bogart or Alec Guinness?

  9. 4. Is the movie The African Queen?

  10. Thank you! I will think of a movie and post next Tuesday night, the 17th.

  11. Congratulations, Toto! You've got the pick for next Tuesday night. That was a great selection, Shari. The locale is what stumped me!