Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 31

Happy Easter everyone.

Remember April is for Action! Let's get to it.

Who Am I? I was born and raised in Hollywood. I made my first three films in 1959. I was also a productor of a 1985 mini-series. I've worked with, among others, Pat Boone, Joan Crawford, Paul Newman, James Mason, Barry Coe, Gregory Peck,David Janssen, and Walter Matthau. My films include Tess of the Storm Country, The Net, The Cable Guy, and A Mighty Wind. Who Am I ?

#1. What are Who Am I's first three films?

#2. Who was the director of Who Am I's first film?

#3. In the film Nine Hours to Rama, what role did Robert Morley play?

#4. In Silence of the Lambs, who did Hannibal Lecter say "love your suit" to?

#5. Brain Buster #1. The 1963 20th Century-Fox film,Stolen Hours is a remake of what film?

#6. Brain Buster # 2. The 1939 film The Four Feathers was remade using the same exact script in 1955 under a different title. What is the name of that film?

#7. Brain Buster #3. How many versions are there of The Four Feathers?

#8. Brain Buster #4. Who was the female star in the 1929 version of The Four Feathers?

#9. Brain Buster #5. How many films did Joan Crawford make with Diane Baker? Name the films.

#10.In the film Hour of the Gun, who, played Wyatt's brothers?


  1. Dawn and Rick, you are both right.

  2. Yeah, I'm worthless for this week's questions. Maybe next week.

  3. #7 - I'm going to guess four. (no pun intended)

  4. 1. The Diary of Anne Frank
    The Best of Everything
    Journey to the Center of the Earth

    2. George Stevens directed Diary
    Jean Negulesco directed Best of Everything
    Henry Levin directed Journey

    All three were made in 1959 so I am not sure which came first :)

    Happy Easter, Paul and all!

  5. Tom, sorry it's more than for. Toto, You Rock. I was only looking for George Stevens, and you gave me Jean and Henry too. DDiary was first then Journey and then Best, BTW my dad was a uncredited FX trouble shotter on Journry, Be designed and built the "Boulder" that braks loose and goes after Pat Boone. It was made from latex foam one of the very first in Hollywood. So Journey is a special favorite.

  6. Sorry about the typos we just had an earthquake as I was posting,Aa6.9 centered in Baja CA but it was felt all over So CAL.

  7. 4. Diane Baker (I'm starting to see a trend...)

  8. Rick, you're right on all three. BTW Storm Over The Nile was "directed by Terrence Young along with Alexander Korda

  9. Paul, we felt the earth quake in AZ. too. :I Thank you for sharing the "fun fact" about your dad.

    Dark Victory, is a good movie. I saw it for the first time not to long ago.

  10. OK it's time for a recap. Still need answers for # 3,#7, #9, and #10.

  11. Paul, that was fascinating to read that your father was both a WWII pilot and a special effects designer! It will make it extra fun for me the next time I see "Journey to the Center of the Earth." My guess for #7 is five.

    Paul and Dawn and anyone else on the west coast, did you suffer any damage from the quake?

  12. Toto, For # 7 would you believe five is too low? And No we did not suffer any damage other than the "normal" post quake feelings. BTW DR. Lucy Johnson at the USGS at Cal Tech said she did not even feel the quake ,but her son did.