Monday, October 12, 2009

The "Road" Movies A to Z

We interrupt the 31 Days of Halloween for an alphabetical tribute to the Bing Crosby-Bob Hope Road movies. Starting at the top:

A - Alaska (the setting for Road to Utopia); The African Queen clip used in Road to Bali when the boys "see" Bogey.
B - Robert Benchley, who narrates Utopia; "But Beautiful" the big hit song from Road to Rio.
C - Cannibals who want to eat Bob in Road to Zanzibar; Crosby, of course.
D - Deep sea diving, the boys' occupation in Rio; Duke, Bing's name in Utopia.
E - "The End" credit that Bob tries to prevent from ending Bali before he gets the girl.
F - Fearless Frazier, Bob's name in Zanzibar.
G - Gorilla that likes to blow out matches in Zanzibar.
H - Hong Kong and Hope are the obvious choices, but there's also the hypnosis used on Dorothy in Rio.
I - "It's Anybody's Spring", song performed by Bing in a shipboard talent show. He loses to an organ grinder and a monkey, prompting Hope to remark about bringing Sinatra on the next Road trip.
J - Josh, Bing's name in Road to Singapore.
K - Prince Ken Arok, the bad guy in Bali.
L - Lamour, of course. But also Aunt Lucy, played by Bob in a flashback in Road to Morocco.
M - "Moonlight Becomes You" the hit ballad from Morocco; the moon where Bob, Bing, and Joan Collins land at the end of Road to Hong Kong.
N - David Niven, who has a cameo in Hong Kong.
O - Orville, Bob's first name in Morocco, though he goes by his nickname "Turkey."
P - The "patty-cake" bit originated in Singapore that the boys use when an escape is needed; the Paramount mountain that makes a surprise appearance in Utopia...which also features Dorothy singing her hit song "Personality" (later, sadly, used by Wesson Oil).
Q - Anthony Quinn, who played villains in both Singapore and Morocco.
R - Rio!
S - Singapore!
T - Talking animals: camels in Morocco, fish and bears in Utopia. Bing's hit "To See You is to Love You" from Bali, which Hitchcock used in Rear Window.
U - Utopia!
V - Volcano in Bali; Jimmy Van Heusen, who co-wrote all the songs.
W - Whiskers worn by the boys in Utopia; the Woody Woodpecker cartoon "Alley to Bali" that spoofs Road to Bali.
X - The XL squid from Reap the Wild Wind that appears in Bali.
Y - "You're Dangerous" sung by Dorothy in Zanzibar.
Z - Zanzibar...a fitting way to end this list!


  1. Goods Job Rick. I have most of the road films on DVD.

  2. Would you believe that, as a newlywed, my husband wouldn't let me go to sleep until I could list the seven "Road" movies? This entry made me smile and laugh at loud. What fun, Rick!

  3. I haven't seen all of the ROAD movies, but this thorough and entertaining list is sure making me want to check them out! Thanks much, Rick.

  4. Toto,I assume your husband asked for them in the correct order too. LOL.

  5. I love the road movies. Bing and Bob...

  6. Rick, i have seen a couple of "on the road " movies.. i thought they were awesome.. fun post.

  7. Rick you could have Peter Sellers for S too. His "Bit" in Road to Hong Kong is classic. " Ok man lets play some jazz"."

  8. I adore the Road movies. Can't get enough of them. Clever blog, Rick.

  9. I'm a huge fan of the Road movies, and this post is both informed and hugely entertaining! I might have added in the "C" section "Captain Custard", the hilarious song they sing in "Road to Singapore". (Side note: Bob Hope is particularly handsome and downright sexy in this Road entry!)