Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Week's Poll: What's your favorite Jerry Goldsmith score?

This week's poll is about Jerry Goldsmith, one of the best on the "modern" Hollywood composers. Jerry has a large body of work in both TV and film, so this will be the best of the best. The scores are:

#1.  "The Invaders" episode from The Twilight Zone.
#2.  The Blue Max.
#3.  The Omen (Jerry's only Oscar winning score).
#4.  In Harm's Way.
#5.  The Wind And The Lion.
#6.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
#7.  Chinatown.
#8.  Planet of the Apes.
#9.  The Sand Pebbles (Steve McQueen's only Best Actor nomination).
#10. Alien.
#11. Patton.


  1. So many good choices and only one vote!

  2. I know Rick and there were so many I had to leave out. Such as Rudy,Hoosiers , The Trouble with Angeles, anong many many others

  3. Paul2 how could you leave out my favorite Rambo:First Blood Part II? I have that on my iPod. I don't know which one to vote for now.

  4. Aki, Like I told Rick there is so much great Jerry I knew that leaving some off would make someone upset.If I put all the ones I thought of the poll would be at least twice as large.

  5. Paul, you need have another poll in the future with more of Jerry's musical scores. He is one of my favorite composers. I am still having trouble deciding which one to vote for.....there are so many good ones!!! on the list.

  6. Aki, Lets you and I do a post on our favorite Jerry scores after the poll. I'll let you go first if you like . If you remember I did a post at The CFU on this being 10 years since his passing. And I'm all for future poll.

  7. Paul, I will give your suggestion some thought. Currently I am working on a huge project at home. However, I do like Jerry's musical scores. Many of my favorites were composed in the 90's so I can't those in a post on this blog. I will consider your offer and will let you know. I am still having trouble trying to decided which one to vote for in your list....choices....choices...and many good choices!!

  8. Aki, No wories, just let me know. I think this could be fun.We Jerry Fan's have to stick together.

  9. Paul, I don't think I could write a whole post on Jerry's music, but some of my favorite scores are Star Trek Voyager, Air Force One, and The Mummy.

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  11. Aki, I like all those Too. And Jerry's score for Star Trek 5 is the best thing "Bill" did on the film