Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Week's Poll: Who would you choose as your partner if you were John Steed?

This week's Cafe poll was created by natsumi13.

This week, we ask who would be your ultimate partner if you were John Steed?

Cathy Gale
: A strong and highly independent woman. She is well equipped to take care of herself in a fight, whether using judo or firearms. She also has a Ph.D in anthropology.

Emma Peel: Quick witted and highly talented genius. She is knowledgeable in everything from chemistry and most sciences to math and the arts. An accomplished fencer and master at martial arts, she is highly adept at undercover work.

Tara King: While young and inexperienced, she is level headed and resourceful. Having just finished training as an operative, she is lacking in field experience, but is quite spunky and clever with disguises and undercover work.

Purdey: Former ballerina with the Royal Ballet, she can go from high kicks to roaring off on her motorcycle. She is a smart and highly resourceful martial arts expert. Seeing as she is named after the British gunsmiths Purdey & Sons, she is also an expert at firearms. She is a fully trained and highly capable operative with British Intelligence.

Mike Gambit:
highly trained operative with British Intelligence, this former military man is always armed for combat. He is also an expert at hand to hand fighting and can nearly dodge a bullet using his hands. Suave and something of a ladies man, but cares deeply for Purdey.


  1. For Me No Contest. Mrs Emma Peel.

  2. OK, I need to think who would be best for Steed--not who I'd pick personally (that'd be Mrs. Peel, of course!). Tara lacks experience, so she's out. Gambit's affection for Purdey might cloud his judgment. Purdey has no James Bond connections. Thus, it comes down to Cathy and Emma. It's tough, but Steed always looks like he's having fun with Emma and that's an important part of a working relationship. So I've gotta go with Mrs. P.

  3. Great poll, natsumi13! John Steed is the luckiest man in the world, having such wonderful partners with whom to fight crime. But who to pick? Decisions, decisions...

  4. Yes, this was a most excellent idea for a poll, natsumi13! I neglected to mention that earlier...I was too involved with trying to make a good analytical decision.

  5. Hands down -- EMMA PEEL! She was one of my role models growing up. Cathy Gale would be runner up. As for Tara King, I could never grasp that she was a "trained agent" --she needed rescuing half the time herself. Plus, the sophisticated flirtation that existed between Steed and Emma was replaced by her schoolgirl crush -- YUCK!

  6. I have to go with Mike Gambit.The ladies man.

  7. I've only seen the episodes with Steed paired with Emma Peel. But they are such a great team I really can't see no one else being better. Cathy Gale sounds like she would be pretty good but I would need to check out some of her work. But Diana Rigg was perfect as Emma Peel. Funny, sexy, and could kick some serious ass. Winner!

  8. In Praise Of Emma

    Cathy and Emma stand alone face to face
    Gale in black catsuit vs. Emma's white lace
    Two fierce fighters both resolved not to fail
    But Peel's stinging chops put an end to Miss Gale

    Tara King and Mrs. Peel engaged in a fight
    In miniskirts kicking with all of their might
    But Tara soon crumbles under Emma's attack
    A sleeper hold ends it King out on her back

    "I can beat you, Emma", declares sexy Purdey
    Both ladies are slender and lovely but sturdy
    Peel looks so stunning in a bikini of black
    Purdey's skirt pink silk no beauty they lack

    Chopping and kicking they wrestle to the floor
    Punishing punching then they wrestle some more
    A battle ensues such as neither has faced
    Till Purdey finds Emma's sleek legs 'round her waist

    Flexing her scissors Peel notes her foe's eyes
    Poor Purdey is sobbing 'tween Emma's strong thighs
    Purdey forced to submit to the Avenger's Queen
    Has a lovelier fighting woman ever been seen?

    "Wait!" yelled a voice. "I feel I'm the best!"
    In a catsuit of yellow, there stood Honey West.
    Honey and Emma now engaged in a duel
    To decide among them which gal should rule

    Both came out fighting with all they possessed
    But chops to Honey's face soon put her to rest
    As Honey lay bawling laying helpless on her side
    "Just too much woman for you", lovely Emma had to chide