Monday, October 26, 2009

Trivia Time - Part 8

Rick, this is your last free pass. You are going to need it (evil laugh).

#1. Name in order all the ladies that played "Mom"' on Lassie.

#2. The Late Soupy Sales had first first local show in what city?

#3. When he moved the show to LA what local station was it on?

#4. His "network "show from LA was on what night? Name the network.

#5. Brain Buster #1. Jerry Goldsmith had one of his favorite scores removed from this film. Name the film and the director.

#6. Brain Buster # 2 The late composer Vic Muzzy wrote the themes for "Green Acres" and The Adams Family". Because the productors of " The Adams Family" were so cheap, it forced Vic to have to do what with the theme?

#7. Brain Buster #3.Name as many as you can other composers who had their "scores removed".


Gilby37 said...

Paul, these are tough! For #1, I remember Jan Clayton,June Lockhart,Cloris Leachman -- then Dee Wallace in a 1990's syndicated version. Maybe it was Clayton, Leachman, Lockhart -- I sometimes reverse them

Paul 2 said...

Gilby your second order is correct.

Rick29 said...

I might have gotten a couple of the Lassie moms, but not Jan Clayton. Way to go, Gilby! Alas, I'm not a Soupy Sales fans, so can't answer any of those questions. Goldsmith's score for Ridley Scott's LEGEND was replaced with one by Tangerine Dream...though the Goldsmith score could still be heard on some of the European prints.

Paul 2 said...

Rick Legend is right. Jerry did not even know about it untill he saw the "finished film".

Gilby37 said...

Paul, for #6, was it because the producers were cheap that we got half sung/half spoken song with a lot of finger snaps

Paul 2 said...

Gilby ,close, but no cigar. What happened was Vic had overdub all the voices himself(except Lurch), because they were to cheap to hire singers.

Sharilee said...

1)I know June Lockhart and Cloris Leachman but that is all I can think of

2) Cincinnati, Ohio in 1949 Soupy's Soda Shop

3) ABC

4. Saturday???? CBS????

5. The Legend and the director was Ridley Scott

6. He sang the lyrics, recording his voice over a couple of times to appear as mulitple singers because they were to cheap to pay for singers

7. No idea

Paul 2 said...

Shari Lee very good, ,but your wrong on # 4. Short Of Right on # 3. # 6 is right as I told Gilby. # 2 is very good I would also take Detroit as that was where he moved to LA from.