Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trivia Time Part Six

Last week, ClassicBecky told me her mind was a blank when it came to TV trivia, but I should not "mess with her about Errol Flynn films." Well, I just can't let that go by. So Becks, I'm Messing with you this week. Hope you're ready.

#1. What was Errol's first film? What was his role? In what year?
#2. What are the films he did with David Niven?
#3.  Errol did a live TV show in the 50's What was it? A member of the show had to "babysit" him for the whole week. Who was the baby sitter?
#4. The story of the baby sitter became the basis for what film?
#5. Brain Buster #1. Errol and Ronald Reagan both played the same person in two different films. Name the person. Name the films.
#6. Brain Buster # 2. Name the 3 child stars that Errol worked with. Name the films.
#7.  Brain Buster #3. Name the two directors Errol worked with the most at Warner Bros.


  1. Since this is primarily for Becky, I e-mailed my answers. Let me know how I did. My Dad was a huge Errol fan and when one of his movies came on TV, it was a family event.

  2. OK, Paul, I wanted to do what I could from memory only, so I can't answer a couple, but here goes:
    1 - Wake of the Bounty, Australia,not sure what year but like 33 or 34, played Fletcher Christian.
    2 - Dawn Patrol is only one I can think of
    3 - I know he did an Errol Flynn Theatre in the 50's, but don't know what show he needed babysitter for.
    4 - I do know that movie is My Favorite Year with Peter O'Toole.
    5 - No idea what chararcter, unless it's possibly Gentleman Jim.
    6 - I know he starred in The Prince and the Pauper with the Mach twins, so that's 2 child stars.
    7 - Michael Curtiz and Raoul Walsh are the 2 main directors, not sure if they were both Warner Brothers.
    Whew! You are tough! How did I do?

  3. Not to bad. #1 is right,#2 You forgot Charge of the Light Brigade#3 Is Your Show Of Show.s The Baby Sitter was Mel Brooks.#5.Is George A Custer Flynn In the Died With Ther Boots On Ronnie in The Santa Fe Trail.#6 You forgot Dean Stockwell In Kim. #7 They were both at Warners Btos.

  4. Well, Paul, not too bad is better than blank zero. It was still fun having you take up my challenge. I guess my love for Errol Flynn outweighs my trivia memory. Maybe if I had taken the test 20 years ago when I had 20 years less brain crowding, I would have done better! LOL

  5. Paul, this was a really fun quiz! I like Errol Flynn, too. "The Adventures of Robin Hood" is a work of movie magic to me, with one of the best ensemble casts ever.

  6. Toto, I'm very happy that you liked this. I want to make this fun and not a Grad school level mid -term exam. Thanks for the input.