Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trivia Time Part 5

As I told Toto2 and Classic Becky, I will make the questions not as hard as before. Starting this week, I'll add a few film questions too. Dawn and Rick, you should know the answers to some of these.

#1.  Mike Post & Pete Carpenter at one time had how many TV shows on the air at the same time?And they did every note of music .

#2. In what World War II film did Esther Williams have a small (non-swimming) part?

#3. Who where the two main male stars in that film?

#4. Who was the first "Voice" of QM Productions?

#5. "The Voice" also had his own QM production. Name the show and the network.

#6 . "The Voice " was also part of what famous cult classic 60 's show?

#7.  What was "The Voice"'s last TV show and who was his co-star? Bonus for what network.

#8.  Brain Buster Part One. Before Goldie made it big on Laugh-in, she was in a Sitcom. Name the show, and her two male co-stars. Bonus points for what network.

#9. Brain Buster Part Two. Name the first film Goldie was in with Kurt. Big hint. It was not Swing Shift.


  1. Well, I'm almost certain that #9 is Disney's THE ONE AND ONLY, GENUINE, ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND starring Fred MacMurray. For #4, I'll guess William Conrad and for #5, I'll go with CANNON. Still pondering the others...oh, no, I think my brain is busting!

  2. GEEZ, Paul, you call this not hard? My brain isn't busting, it's a blank. I'm not good at TV trivia, but I'm ashamed I don't know the Esther Williams movie, even though I am definitely not a fan of hers. Oops, I know someone who won't like that!

  3. Rick , Very good on #9 .All I can say is that your on the right track with the others , but what the heck you have a free pass.
    Becks, if Rick can get the second Brain Buster than they are not to hard, there just about right. LOL.
    Becks, it's not a Esther film she has a SMALL PART. Wonder if Dawn knows what it is?

  4. Paul, I'm almost certain William Conrad was QM's first voice and later starred in Cannon on CBS produced by QM. His last show was jake & the fatman with Joe Penny and Alan campbell on CBS(These 3 also guested together on Matlock -- Conrad was th DA and Campbell was asst in the episode --I think that was the inspiration for the show since Fred Silverman produced both)
    But I'm stumped on the others

  5. Good work Gilby37. See Becks other people are doing all right.I figured once people got #4 right that #6 would be easy, guess not so far. I know #1 and# 8 are a little hard.I told Toto that the questions relate to each other and if you can get one right it's not to hard to figure the rest out. Looks like I got the mix just about right this week. It's more fun for me when you get some right.

  6. let's see.. i may know a few of these.

  7. Dawn , Very good work I just knew that you would know # 2 & 3. Sorry but Rick has the right answer for #9.

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  9. oh, i almost forgot... i saw that Becky 8-)

  10. OK, Paul, I get the point -- I'm a TV moron. I am duly humbled by your mastery. However, don't mess with me about Errol Flynn movies! LOL

  11. Oh yeah Becks? I'm not scared. We'll see in future weeks questions. LOL.